Monday, August 11, 2014


Someone else's work below , that sums up the situation in the UK , where Cycling & Cyclists are an after thought for the majority of Politicians !  Pity they keep on harping about Cycling to get elected , but move on before doing anything worthwhile towards delivering ?

Bozo the clown , known currently as the " Lord Mayor of london " has recently announced that he is seeking to become a Member of Parliament in 2015 . Could it be that he knows the game of Blind Man's Bluff , is OVER ? Everything that he has promised is still virtually UNDELIVERED !  Each year funds brought down to be spent , are in many cases returned to the exchequer , UNSPENT !

Far from being the champion of Cyclists , he appears to be the blight that has seen Failure to Deliver , THRIVE !  Who follows him ?  Can they be any worse ?

The iten following appears to highlight the malaise that Cyclists currently endure :

  "  A day in the life of a British transport officer: "

"Hi there! Welcome to our lovely new cycle-safe British roundabout. On your bike yeah? OK, get off the road via this dangerous kerb onto a shared path that requires you to do a 90 degree turn. Obey all the signs telling you that you are of inferior status to pedestrians and must give way to them so that they feel entitled to shout abuse at you even when you're using the designated shared path. Let me show you our lovely toucan crossing for bikes. Take a seat for a few minutes whilst we let fresh air go past just in case a car might come by. Oh, now you're at the crossing would you mind awfully dismounting for no reason whatsoever. So you have to do that at each arm of the junction you need to cross.

Ready to get back on the road? Right, we've helpfully placed a glass and oil-covered kerb at a right angle so you can swing right out in front of that lorry that can't see you behind all the 'give way to pedestrians' 'cyclists dismount' and 'no cycling' signs and that lovely tree we planted to make the design look pretty. We helpfully ensured that the carriageway narrows just after the junction, so any drivers coming through will think they have space to overtake you safely when they don't. Just remember your body is a traffic-calming measure to make sure that both you and the drivers around you feel anything other than calm, just keep on riding and they'll slow down. Ahem.

When you're back on the road, make your way on the pothole and debris covered cycle lane that is clearly indicated by some worn out paint and a few other random old road markings we couldn't be arsed to remove properly. This cycle lane lasts for the grand distance of 25 metres and stops at a particularly dangerous secondary junction, where motor vehicles will cut in front of you. Oh, did you go over that poorly-signed section of path that is actually safer to ride on, but we forgot to designate as a shared path? Sorry, I'm going to need all your personal details and £90, this should only take another 20 minutes.

Now, if you look to the left there are some blokes in a van who need to hurl abuse at you and swerve into you for their amusement. That will be closely followed by a lorry that cannot legally be on the road driven by someone who is tired and can't see anything around them. Some cars with people on mobile phones driving them will be milling around too-isn't modern communication wonderful! Don't worry if any of them run you over killing or maiming you, if they cry and say they didn't see you, they won't be prosecuted.

Ah, you're wondering about that traffic sign in the bike lane leading back to the carriageway? Ah yes, well, if you could just vanish into nothingness for a few seconds, you'll pass it without any bother. Cross over to the footpath for 5 metres though and I'll be needing another £90.

Just to let you know there's a Police officer from Operation Safeway round the corner who has just ticketed a couple of drivers and will need to give you a bollocking for something like not wearing a helmet or high viz. Yes I know that's not illegal, but how can they be seen to be fair if they don't randomly harass a load of cyclists whilst ignoring all the drivers stopped in the wonderful ASL we put in for you.

Please smile and wave as you go past the Mayor and the press who are here to celebrate the opening of this fantastic new cycling facility. We spent most of the cash putting in extra traffic lanes and on consultants who have much more important things to do than ride a bike themselves - that's what this tiny proportion of funding is for isn't it? Oh yes, and thanks for taking part in the consultation process, that submission you spent hours on was read by a secretary who filed it away neatly. Well, no, we couldn't do what the Dutch do, we have to find our own solutions and with these three traffic lanes, there just isn't room for a protected cycle track. We do have an exchanging places event next weekend though, where you can exchange with a lorry driver so you can be horrified at how little they can see around them. Er, no, it's actually a special kind of exchange where the driver can bore you to death about how terrible cyclists are; that's much better than making them have a go on a bike in traffic around other HGVs.

Pick your jaw off the ground and be on your way, I guess I'll be seeing you later though: we're doing a travel options survey down at the hospital. Oh, I almost forgot, have this glossy cycle map of all the half-arsed and non-existent cycle facilities in the area - yes that road is a cycle route. Why? Well we put it on this map and there's a painted bike symbol on the road that no-one understands and a couple of blue bike signs that community volunteers have helpfully added their own tips to, like 'f*ck cyclists' and then turned out of sight of drivers. Have a great day now! Urgh, glad that tosser's gone now. Bloody cyclists!"


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

NO DAMAGE ? Doesn't matter then !

Deja Vue ? Another example of " Careless / inconsiderate Driving or worse ? Reaching the point that the B171 an Austrian Road that stretches from the German Border through Tirol to Vorarlberg , is not a safe place to ride a BIKE ! Even when you ride on this route you are subjected to " Subliminal Ads / discarded Red bull Cans " !  No doubt there are some tthat recall my blog post on this matter many months ago ?

Here is my comment to the Seattle Blog , where the 3rd/4th Death of a Vulnerable Road user in a Suburb was reported today :

  "  http://www.seattlebikeblog.com/2014/03/24/kenmore-19-year-old-killed-while-biking-in-crosswalk/#more-263194

Police throughout the World have reached the point where they ask , "Are you hurt , is there property damage "?

Answer NO ?

 " Doesn't matter then " !  They take no notes and show you the door !

Yesterday in Tirol , Austria , just such an occasion :

1045am eastbound on B171 in sunny , dry conditions about 100M inside the 60kph zone , as i was passed by a grey opel 4 door , the wing mirror was folded back by a touch on my body . The driver was so intent on turning into the RHS side street that i had to go around with them , as i beat my closed fist on the passenger window . Wearing a bright green wind jacket with orange parcel on the tri bars , it would be a BLIND driver that was unable to see me !

Having come to a stop , in a way that a person might make a U turn , i went around the front of the opel to speak to the driver . She looked at me , looked to see the road was clear and drove off in the easterly direction . Fortunately she arrived in a traffic queue , so that i was able to catch up and bang the window and indicate to pull over . She ignored this and as the traffic started  , she drove away with the following truck banging on his klaxon indicating his impatience .

Local Polizei Officer ( in 50s thus not taught English at school ) unable to speak precise English , did as i requested , called for English Speaking help . Though i only lost half an hour , it would appear that Austria Law will not allow me driver details and since they took no detail , for them the matter is of NO CONSEQUENCE !

THIS driver will continue to behave in a similar manner until she leaves someone for DEAD ! The Polizei will appeal for " Witnesses / the perpetrator THEN , but what can be expected until the Traffic Laws are reviewed ? Polizei handcuffed by regulation is the NIGHTMARE of the Vulnerable !

Are YOU supposed to call an Ambulance , each time you are touched by /or sent flying off the bike with no apparent damage , by a VEHICLE ? Seems to be the ONLY course left in order to get an OFFICIAL record of an event such as these !

At 68yo , i have ridden more than 7000km this year , including the bulk of the " Tirreno-Adriatico ProWorld Road Race . I am not found riding less than 35kph unless uphill , so there is NO EXCUSE for a following Vehicle to claim iam impeding their progress !

As an advocate for " Physically Challenged Sport " i am known in many Sports , i have NO WISH to join their ranks , nor wear a wooden overcoat !

As a matter of course i try to find those that cause me grief on the road ! I follow them into the Client they are delivering/ collecting , follow to their Depot or House . There i explain in plain language the consequences of their thoughtless behaviour , remind them that since they do not see the front of the Cyclist , it could very well be Members of their FAMILY or their Church , then ask them HOW THEY WOULD FEEL ?

Very few take the " Couldn't care less approach " , some Company Management will ask for the Polizei to be called , thinking that this will result in the matter going away . What many Truck Company Executives need to remember is that their Drivers when involved in a Road death , COULD be considered for a "Corporate Manslaughter Charge " !  When a few of these hit the Headlines , it will be TOO LATE for the Cyclist/Pedestrian involved , but perhaps it may result in a rewrite of the Road Codes allowing for STIFFER Penalties !

Recently i remarked on an anomaly in the UK Road Code ! It allowed for those Cretins who leave a Person for DEAD after a " Coward Pass ( hit & run ) , then " hand themselves in " after Sobering Up/ Drug Use disipating , thus being charged with " Leaving the Scene,etc " with a minimal sentence , rather than risking the 14 years for " Death by Dangerous driving ,etc "!

YES it is " Human Nature " to save your neck , but the " Testing Facilities " are there which can detect and extrapolate the usuage many days later ! YES it costs MONEY and locking up ther perp does not bring back the VICTIM !

Do we have to wait until it is the Family of a Prominaent Politician before there is ACTION ?


Sunday, February 2, 2014


THE correct Link to the PAGE :


with the effort to get the Graphics created , i made several mistakes . It appears that you can GOOGLE the Title . At present it is the 3rd item , that comes up on my computer , not necessarily for others ? Once i have the French & Italian translations available , i will return to Sterndruck.at , to rectify the facebook address !

Worldwide , the " COWARD PASS ( hit & run ) " and " BULLYING PASS ( near miss of mm ) " is on the increase , as shown by the number of Media Reports ! Would it be that Media , are ONLY NOW realising that these problems have been there for decades ?

The Times of London have been straddling the fence in recent days with their input . On the one hand , they created " Cities fit for Cycling " , after the near fatal collision , involving their staff member , Mary Bowes , whose perpetrator got off LIGHTLY , when prosecuted in Court during 2013 . In recent days they carried a report about interaction of Cyclists with Pedestrians . The Headline left Pedestrians and Drivers , thinking that Cyclists , were responsible for collisions with Pedestrians ! Those who read the article carefully saw that the Collisions , took place on the ROADWAY , not on the pavement !

Since when can a pedestrian wander off the pavement , without looking , perhaps fiddling with their Cell phone / Ipad /electronic device , and expect the road to be EMPTY ? Reports suggest the " Transport for London Buses are involved with a DAILY " Killed or Seriously Injured Incident "!

My tweets on this subject :
With TFL Buses having a Daily KSI, can you name TODAY'S VICTIM? WHEN will U START "VisionZEROLondon"? When U R PM? START NOW!

Credit is due to BoJo as he has tackled the UK Government about Larger HGV s which are seeking to use UK Roads :
  1. With TFL Buses having a Daily KSI, can you name TODAY'S VICTIM? WHEN will U START "VisionZEROLondon"? When U R PM? START NOW!
    1. U think 130 FPN will cause fit of Safety Equip ? UK full of Gambler! 1000+ will DO JOB! 1 1/2M SAfePass
Frankly , there is one clear solution to STOPPING these Huge HGV s from entering London , sTOP them at the Ferry Ports !  A few white lines painted on the approach to the Customs / Immigration Control Office , with overhead CCTV Cameras will record the Reg.# of the vehicle and their OVERSIZE , so there is no later dispute with regard to Legal Action entered into by the Inconvenienced Parties :
Have Problem with UK Does NOT let them on FERRY! Might not RIGHT!

Around the Christmas Period there was a period of " Victim Bashing " , when the Authorities THOUGHT it a GOOD IDEA to launch " Operation SAFEWAY "! 35 times as many Cyclists were Stopped and " fined" by " Police Officers " , ill equipped to handle the situation ! rather than encouraging cooperation with CYCLISTS , they demonstrated that the POLICE had in most cases NO IDEA , what the " Highway Code " had to say about " Cycling " ! Result of this INEPT Operation was it being labelled " #OpGRIM" by ALL concerned . In addition , the 1999 Guidelines on Fixed Penalty Notices , were dug out and reissued :
  1. in 2012 1 UK ped kill/Cyclist & 253/ DRIVE! BIAS? NO? 1 eye Police ATTITUDE To Cyclist! WRONG !

Many Cycling Safety Org.s wrote to the Policing Authorities as a result of "#OpGrim " and my Tweet was:
This is my response to the Group's Great work : DO LIKEWISE Folks ?A letter to Sir Hugh Orde : " info@acpo.pnn.police.ukSir , In respons…

More resulted as the story grew :

  1. NOW highlights the UNIVERSAL Cycling Safety Problem that YOU ALL FAIL !

SINCE I HAVE HAD NO REPLIES , or even RT (retweet ) , the minions are sifting out the message to their Principals ? When it happens to THEIR Family , what then ?

Demonstrating that Social Media has consequences , was the prosecution in Norfolk of a woman that Tweeted about her " BULLYING PASS " , which gained her International notoriety , lost her , her Job and emptied her pockets ! Luckily for her , it was not a " COWARD PASS " , which could have seen her in Jail !  

Today we have another case of "TWEETING Stupidity " , the man involved drives his Employers vehicle , the SOUTH Australian Police , his Employers and a variety of Cycling Safety Org.s are ALL alerted . What chance does he have of sitting in the truck on monday ( t/row ) , let alone driving it , as he is employed to do ? How many more out there like him , that carry THAT Attitude ?

Currently there is a Petition in Australia , started in Tassie as a result of the " Coward Pass " on a young Rower , out on the training Cycle ride , backed by @AmyGillettFdn . ALL that is being asked for , is 1M safe Pass to be a Federal LAW ! With the EU having 1 1/2M in place , it is disappointing that Australian Law Makers are reluctant to aCT ! Time the gutless led by @tonyabbottmhr , got around to recognising the interesting fact that 4 million Aussies ride REGULARLY and that 7.3 MILLION bikes were sold in a period of 2007 to 2011 , as reported here :


The CPS , that bunch of spineless individuals , that the hard pressed Police Officers have come to " despise/ hate " , decided to go for " reduced charges " since they wanted a 100% proof prosecution rather than prefer a variety , so that the Magistrate could choose the level of PENALTY to impose !

Too often now the " Policing Authorities " are finding that they wish to meet the Public's wish for MEANINGFUL Sentencing for " Road Crimes " , yet the CPS ( Criminal Prosecuting service ) decide to go for lower Penalties in order to get ANY CONVICTION ! " Jury Blaming " is not acceptable , as an excuse , the JUDICIARY , should be instructing the Jurors to set aside THEIR FEELINGS , they are there to decide THE LAW and the appropriate decision as to whether it has been broken ! THEY are NOT there to decide WHAT PENALTY THEY WOULD WISH TO RECEIVE , if in the same situation ! Read the Media articles , then ask yourself , " WHAT WERE THEY THINKING "?

In the light of this MESS , the CPS and the Juries attitude to those being Prosecuted , the CTC ( Cycling Touring Club Charity ) has created the following Petition :


Hopefully the Authorities will respond FAVOURABLY ?

With Police Officers , reported to say "
“you cyclists take your lives into your own hands”.

Can CYCLISTS , after bing "skittled " expect an overnight change in the attitude of " Institutionalised Neglect "?



Petition the police: the recommendations

Road Justice: the role of the police highlights failures of the police and the lack of resources available to support road traffic policing. These must be addressed to help improve safety for cyclists.
The report sets out the following 10 recommendations including how will we know when we have succeeded.

Click here to go back to the petition.

Additional Cycling Specific rules applicable in Adelaide , Australia :

CYCLING SPECIFIC ROAD RULES  :  http://m.couriermail.com.au/news/national/how-drivers-and-cyclists-are-doing-battle-on-daily-commute-on-adelaides-roads/story-fnii5yv5-1226815871934

HAND signals must be given when turning right

CYCLISTS may ride in an emergency stopping lane unless prohibited by a sign

CYCLISTS cannot ride more than two abreast unless overtaking.

WHEN riding two abreast riders should not be more than 1.5m apart.

CYCLISTS may ride in bicycle, tram, bus and transit lanes unless prohibited by a NO BICYCLES sign

CYCLISTS must ride in the bicycle lane unless it is impractical to do so

ONLY a rider of a bicycle who is under 12 years of age may ride on a footpath

THE rider of a bicycle must wear an approved bicycle helmet

AT night the bicycle must have a flashing or steady white light that is clearly visible for at least 200 metres from the front of the bicycle; and a flashing or steady red light that is clearly visible for at least 200 metres from the rear of the bicycle

CYCLISTS must not lead an animal while riding a bicycle either on a path or a road.