Thursday, July 22, 2010

SRM Graphs from Chris Horner & Others

Copied this from the SRM site, well worth the visit!


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Tour de France 2010: SRM Analysis Stage 16 "Queen Stage"

It was the 100th anniversary of the Tour de France in the Pyrenees, but the riders didn't even have a moment to celebrate. It was an epic stage - 199.5 kilometers, four mountains with 4,300 meters of climbing in 5:31:43 hours. And it started full gas up the Cold de Peyresourde. One attack followed the next and one of the first victims was Ivan Basso who got dropped immediately. While he couldn't follow the pace, his teammate Sylvester Szmyd led Roman Kreuziger to the group with Lance Armstrong and Chris Horner. We are proud that we can present Horner's data again, and we highly recommend his blog, really interesting inside view, very well written.


Some riders have trouble kick starting into a stage like this, they need time to find their rhythm and get their circulation to going. Riders with asthmatic problems can get restricted, oxygen supply is reduced - and when they are riding on or above their threshold this is decisive.
Riders who are aware of that they are like thiswarm up on the turbo trainer before the start to prevent these problems.

Chris Horner's average power for the Col de Peyresourde was 380 watts (5.9 w/kg), and after 29:22 minutes he reached the top with the group in front. The data we have for Chris Horner's weight might be too high (or the weight we have for other riders is too low).

tdf-10-16-horner-peyresourdeClick on graph to enlarge

Rinaldo Nocentini followed in one of the groups, riding at around 364 watts (6.0 w/kg) after 31:01. His heart rate reached 167 bmp after only 2 minutes on the climb, and stayed at this level until the top.

tdf-10-16-nocentini-peyresourdeClick on graph to enlarge

Kristian Koren (Team Liquigas) was most probably with Ivan Basso when he got over the mountain top. 343 watts (4.9 w/kg) was his average power for 33:10 minutes..

tdf-10-16-koren-peyresourdeClick on graph to enlarge

The peloton was split into pieces after the Peyresourde, but a lot of the groups reunited on the downhill. The group with Chris Horner hit the Col d'Aspin - 12.3 km with 6.3% average grade - with 30 seconds to the group that included Contador. Again Szmyd lead the group with high speed into the mountain to gain time for Kreuziger. It was a little too fast for Chris Horner, who got dropped halfway into the climb. He rode at his own rhythm and got caught by the group with Contador close to the top. As soon as he went on his own, his green power line got a lot smoother.
He rode at an average of352 watts (5.5 w/kg) for 31:55 minutes - 358 watts (5.6 w/kg) average until he got dropped after 16:52 minutes, then 346 watts (5.4 w/kg) for the second half. This small difference and the smoother power output made it much "easier" for him.

tdf-10-16-horner-aspinClick on graph to enlarge

Rinaldo Nocentini rode the Aspin also with high ambition, 367 watts (6.1 w/kg), max heart rate 160 bpm for the first 4 kilometers, then he had to reduce the speed, but his heart rate still stayed high with 343 watts (5.7 w/kg). His average power for the whole Aspin: 348 watts (5.8 w/kg), 33:22 min.

tdf-10-16-nocentini-aspinClick on graph to enlarge

On the descent, the first group got caught by Contador's group again. There was just enough time on the downhill to eat and drink before the riders hit the Col de Tourmalet - 17.1 km, 7.3%. They had no time for a look at the blacksmith in St. Marie de Campan where in 1913 Eugène Christophe repaired his fork on his own, which broke on the downhill from Tourmalet - one of the famous stories of the Tour de France.

Chris Horner rode on his limit, and when Lance Armstrong attacked (!) - 355 watts (5.6 w/kg) for nearly 25 minutes, then he had to slow down again. 305 watts (4.8 w/kg) for 28:22 minutes - total 52:48 min, 328 watts (5.1 w/kg).

tdf-10-16-horner-tourmaletClick on graph to enlarge

Rinaldo Nocentini found his group up the Tourmalet, and could save some energy riding at 296 watts (4.9 w/kg), average heart rate 147 bpm. It took him 1:01:19 hours to reach the top.

tdf-10-15-nocentini-tourmaletClick on graph to enlarge

The last climb of the day, another Tour monument, was the Col d'Aubisque - 29.2 kilometers at 4.2 %. A mountain with different sections, false flat in the beginning to km 12, then to km 20 an 8-8.5% grade to the peak of Col de Soulor and after a short downhill up to the top of the Aubisque.
Chris Horner was back again in the front group with Lance. The group found its rhythm, and then Lance attacked again to reduce the size. Chris was just able to keep Christoph Moreau's wheel, very important for the team classification. The group split but reunited on the short downhill after the Soulor.
It took 1:11:56 minutes to climb the Aubisque, Chris averaged 288 watts (4.5 w/kg).

tdf-10-16-horner-aubisqueClick on graph to enlarge

For Nocentini, who already knew he wouldn't win the stage, it was important to stay in a group and just "survive". He rode the Aubisque in 1:19:53 hours, 263 watts (4.4 w/kg), with an average heart rate of 140 bpm.

tdf-10-16-nocentini-aubisqueClick on graph to enlarge

Carlos Barredo attacked after the fast downhill, with but with the group working together very well he had no chance of winning. Chris Horner's SRM data from the last 5 kilometers show the efforts of the final. With an average of 356 watts (5.6 w/kg) for 6:41 minutes after more than 190 km of extremely hard racing - he worked hard to help Lance and sprinted with a max of 810 watts in the final.

tdf-10-16-horner-final-5kClick on graph to enlarge

Chris Horner burned 5,300 calories in this epic stage. A stage he won't forget. He'll be looking forward to the rest day tomorrow.

tdf-10-16-hornerClick on graph to enlarge

Tour De France, stage 16
Kristijan Koren
R. Pauriol C. Horner R. Nocentini
distance [km] 199.5
199.5 199.5
time [h:min:sec] 6:04:58 5:55:46
5:31:43 5:54:54
power [w] 231 225 267 245
speed [km/h] 32.4 33.2 35.7 33.3
cadence [rpm] 64 68 72 64
altitude [m] 4,280 4,185 4,173 4,196
energy metabolism [kJ] 5,063 4,810 5,308 5,218

Max power [w]

5 sec 717
701 830 944
10 sec 622
1 min 442
475 482
4 min 410
402 422 412
10 min 393
20 min 371
389 377
60 min 280



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