Thursday, June 30, 2011

Team Time Trial Training

Wednesday was spent mostly in Les Essarts running from one team to another as i had the opportunity to ride and chat with some of those who COULD win the 2011 TDF !

Photos will be uploaded later in the day when i gain access to a computer that does the job !

Meanwhile i can say i rode with "KIng Cav", Levi and Horny and was photoed with Phillipe Gilbert whom i expĂȘct to win on Saturday after riding the finishing area also yesterday .

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

HGVs' now receiving advice !

Cyclingsilk.blogspot reports that HGV Owners are being offered advice by way of the "FTA Cycling Code" recently released and lets hope they react in a timely manner . Not all HGV Owners allow their vehicles to be in Fatal accidents through negligence in that they do not control their drivers or the state of roadworthiness of their vehicles !

Last week in the Staffordshire and Derbyshire Dales i was fortunate to avoid dificulties but speaking to other Cyclists I heard a broad section of opinions as to the lack of driving skills of those that would be regarded as "Professional Drivers" in any other country .

The next 4 weeks i hope to be able to relax a little as i ride the "route of the Tour de France for " the 14 th consecutive year . French drivers can be ignored but there are those who cross the channel and bring their pathetic skills witgh them thus scaring their passengers and raising the ire of other road users , that said as a driver i would prefer that French and Italian drivers did not think that they are entitled to see how close they can get to your panelwork without colliding .

Courtesy of the Les Essarts Tourist Office i am enjoying a coffee as i write this item and viewing the passing parade of Team vehicles as they seek their hotels for the next days . Regretably the "Team Presentation" is closed to the unwashed public and if you watch the TV on Thursday Afternoon you will see those with tickets enjoying an undeserved pleasure in many cases. No doubt they will be refreshed also for the taxing task of sitting there .

The team presentation will lack the tactless effort of an Italian Government Minister to make political hay that was the case in Torino . For his trouble that Minister was served a sample of the public's attitude to their current Government and the Riot sqad was on hand to see he was able to arrive at his transport where he added further fuel to the flames .

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dales Rides

Sent the following Email to King William School today:

"You have students masquerading as "Duke of Edinbourgh Award" entrants with a "White Van/bus in support in the "Dales near Alstonefield" today ?

Should the van have "King William " on the rear and be driven by a guy with long brown hair and glasses and accompanied by a woman with short brown hair i have serious complaint to make regarding their remark of "Hop

e you have a heart attack"amongst other offensive remarks ! Had i carried a mobile i would have called the police to the scene to deal with the offensive behaviour .

You may well already have received a report from another member of the public who heard these remarks and were as appalled as i was by the woman's behaviour !

Swift reply required as i feel that more needs to be done about this matter !"

This incident came about because as i was cycling up a 14% grade on a one lane track i called ahead for the van door to be closed so that i could pass safely on my side without hinderance . Having passed i heard a torrent of abuse from the woman follow me . Was it my fault that they were stopped where they were ? Further up the track i stopped a car descending to warn of the obstruction and they told me of encountering similar behaviour from others in this program whilst they were jogging in this area .

Riding about the Ashbourne area today i found that in the rush for lunch many articulated trucks passed me on white lines on the Ashbourne to Buxton road . Further along i saw several of these vehicles pulled over for their required break .

Considering that they were heading to their break , where was the necessity to pass on double white lines and without signalling that they were passing a cyclist who was moving through the hills fairly rapidly ? The following traffic in most cases were surprised to find a cyclist in front of them and luckily for me were able to react and avoid tumbling me from the bike although one car did more than vent their frustration with the horn .

Once again i captured photos that the library equipment has foiled most of my efforts of loading to the blog .


Saturday, June 18, 2011


Cyclingsilk.blogspot.com has today reported the sentencing of a Road Rager in the Manchester area . Martin also pointed out that had the matter appeared before a Thames Valley Magistrate then there would have been a "slap on the wrist result" !

Time the authorities woke up to the fact that V unerable R oad U sers need more protection from elements in society that think they are better than the rest of US and can do as they please when in their vehicle . European law calls for 1 1/2m separation when passing a cyclist but here in the UK until this matter the inconsiderate could practice Kamacazy tactics with impunity . Many times i have seen other cyclists coming towards me being passed so closely that they have wobbled and fallen from their bike , they were not touched so the driver has supposedly not broken any law , nor are they aware of the damage or injury that they may have created !

We ALL have memories of scary incidents and the courts could be full to overflowing if ALL examples of Road Rage against "VRU " were reported , some cases though need and are entitled to be treated by the Thames Valley Authorities with more severity !

Whilst on the Tour de Suisse i found the average Swiss driver both respectful and careful of cyclists BUT i could not say the same of those working for the TDS Organisation . When i spoke to the head people of Focus and Wurth Sponsorship companies i was told that i was not welcome at their tour . Advising them that ordinary drivers took the trouble to signal but the large majority of those Accredited to TDS did not i was told i didn't know what i was talking about . Seeing oncoming traffic with the TDS banner on the front windscreen neither signal or pass wide of other cyclists justify my complaint but i also had vehicles pass beside me in the same manner .

When accredited to work for a Cycling Tour these people OUGHT to remember that they are being paid to ADVERTISE THEIR PRODUCTS TO THE PUBLIC and thus their bad behaviour reflects their Sponsor in a poor manner ! Seems that photographic evidence displayed to the public could help turn people off buying from FOCUS & WURTH !