Everybody is repeating the mantra " This beautiful Sport " ad nauseum! It is a CESS POOL of "dopers , cheats and Liars! Amongst these poor examples of Humanity are a few " gems of honesty "!

Inga's plea for a " Brighter Future " for the youngsters , is going to fall on deaf ears! I know , since I have set 2 petitions going , to try to get those in the Sport , to make an effort to " Clean House "! Not even the Fans are showing an interest , so WHY would those with something to lose , reveal even in " Secret " their past " misdeeds "?

Until someone can show me a better way to express what I have put in these 2 " Petitions " they will gain little traction! Think about this , the Youth of the World , are exposed to RISK , as Inga quite rightly states!

Read the " Donati Report " and look at ALL SPORTS and see if ANY are free from " Doping Sanctions "? I have written to John Fahey of WADA & Jacques Rogge of IOC and you know what ,  " THEY DON'T GIVE A DAMN "!


http://www.change.org/petitions/wada-create-an-amnesty-in-all-sports …
http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/office-of-the-governor-general-of-australia-create-the-means-for-a-sports-amnesty-in-australia#invite …


On Monday , " Stakeholders in Cycling " are required by the " phat " , to deliver to " UCI " their submissions on " The Bright Future for Cycling " ! Wonder how few will ignore this request ? Fact is , this is yet another example of the " Wool being pulled over the Eyes " of those that follow the current mismanagement of UCI ! 

Currently www.changecyclingnow.org petition has 4050+ subscribers , not nearly enough to make the phats of aigle sit up and take note !

MORE HAS TO BE DONE ! The following post by Charles Pelkey goes a long way to showing the difficulties that exist :


THE " CLUB " thinks it is unassailable , BUT , we the public CAN , working together , PULL DOWN THAT EDIFACE !