Friday, December 13, 2013

FRIDAY the 13th !

Social Media puts us in touch with people from ALL parts of the World ! With facebook , i was directed to a US Safety Org. , " LOOK : Save a LIFE "! Of course i added that site to my " followers " and enjoyed receiving notifications on my Timeline , from time to time . It was a good source of Info , since it covered other countries , in addition to Arizona , USA . I was seeing another's point of view and thus was more informed of what else was happening in the world .

Another site was highlighted by the Queensland based " SafeCyclingOZ " in recent days , " http://www.dearmotorist.com/     . It came as a surprise to find that " LOOK : Save a LIFE " , was the second story related amongst several stories ! Here are the Author's words :

 "  It’s a strange thing, being able to ride more than a hundred miles on any given day and wake up in a hospital bed- not able to perform simple tasks such as walking or going to the bathroom. Please do not ever take life for granted!! "

Not sure if i even noticed , that i hadn't seen a Notification from this source in recent weeks/months ? Wonder how many of you would comment if this blog was stagnant  for a few months ?

Fact is , even though i have been blowing hard on the petition :


So far 11 people have decided to add their name !

Shameful , that nearly a month has passed and that is the result ? 

Friday 13th December , started with me rolling late out of bed , with the knowledge that there was to be a hard frost . Thursday a Dental visit in Schwaz , resulted in a broken front tooth being removed and necesitating a return in the afternoon . When i rode back Mid Afternoon i found that the work could not be done and agreed to return Friday morning , since i had no other commitments .

Past few days with Frost on the roads has encouraged me to wear longs , ear covering and heavier gloves . With burning cheeks , the rest of me feels warm enough but the traffic has other ideas about a Cyclist being on the road on a Sunny Winter's day . Heading west on my Shopping Bike , the yellow/black Sapin , that i took to this year's Le Tour i passed through the centre of Munster . It was calm so 35+kph was a comfortable pace , but i could hear what would turn out to be a Builders Forklift/Scoop gaining on me . As he slowly passed the road was clear , but the following car decided that being alongside me was the place to be whilst they assessed the chance to pass . 

The road is wide enough for two semi trailer / Coaches to pass , but not for a car to be alongside a Cycle at 35+kph  . I knew that the first sign of a car would result in the car doing a right swerve to avoid any chance of a head on , so i rapped on the passenger/ right side Glass window , got the " WTF are you still there for " look , then a car appeared from along the other side of the road . Instead of dropping back the car immediately edged right , pushing me closer to the kerb . No harm done this time , but when will he be in Court , excusing himself for serious injury/death of another cyclist ? 

Last weekend i saw info on a " 2 view Helmet camera ( front & rear simultaneous ) " , having emailed the Vendor , it is annoying that they don't respond in a timely way to the Format they created ! Had i had that camera attached ,  " Herr Dimsquat " would be browning his undies with the Polizei !  Even though i was 5+metres from the back of the Machinery , this miscreant couldn't wait to push me out of the way , looking to save HOW MANY SECONDS ? So chancing his luck in a 50kph zone , he then swung out got around the " dumpster " wearing a 40kph sticker , and was soon only an annoying incident . As the dumpster headed up the incline towards Weising , i lost the draught and then trailed him onto the main Brixlegg-Schwaz B171 road . 

About a kilometre before Jenbach junction , i was tooted by a grey Opel , totally unneccesary action , but i thought about what to say when i caught up at the traffic lights , which i felt certain he could not get through in under two phases . This week the English News relayed the results of 2 english having an altercation about a " Disabled Parking Bay "! Punches exchanged resulted in a Death and the assailant copping a 5 year holiday of Her Majesty's Pleasure . Caught in the queue , the Opel driver wound down the window , when i appered alongside . His comment " It is winter , Ausgets ( get off road?)" , silly OLD fool , turned off the road 100m later , into a supermarket . Must be an Incontinent in urgent need of a toilet . Wonder if he has the courage to toot the next Cyclist he sees riding the Winter Roads ?

By the time i passed through the Jenbach intersection , the " dumpster " was a distant memory and i was alone on my side of the road . Not for long though , there was a car approaching determined to enter the 50kph zone at about 100+kph as it tried to reach the front of a convoy of vehicles sticking to under the 90kph required . Would have been tough luck for " Herr want to be Boy Racer ", if he arrived at the red light and had to wait whilst all those overtaken got a left hand turn green . Not much you can do when the oncoming vehicle is determined to break the law , a mouthful of spit on the windscreen , doesn't count for much ?

On entering Schwaz there is the usual road furniture approaching the first of two roundabouts . As i always take middle of the lane , i was not concerned about the air brakes of the following heavy truck , through the roundabout , onto the second , exiting this time i found that a car had pushed through delaying the truck , then started to try to force passage between me and the central paving . As soon as that finished he was alongside , red faced screaming at his closed window before roaring off to join the queue at the next roundabout , several seconds later . All that , for being able to demonstrate stupidity and how to waste fuel ?

The return journey was made on a quieter road , i thought !  This road is the southern of 3 roads running through several small villages . With it being just short of Mid Day , people are normally heading home for lunch . In one of these villages i was surprised to find a White Suzuki Swift rush out of a minor road on my left hand side directly into my line of travel . At about 40kph i was left with little option but to swerve towards the kerb , hitting a drain hole , which as it turned out caused a puncture and slight wheel buckle . Herr Sh#t for brains , late for lunch , didn't even notice there was other road users ? i guess he makes the same journey , each day . Next Tuesday i will be in the same area , i will arrive early and await his arrival . I am sure he will understand when i present him with 3 inner tubes .

As mentioned , a slow puncture developed and i made it to the Polizei post in Strass . Their reception area is warm and as it turned out it was just as well as i spent the better part of an hour changing tubes due to forgetting a previous problem when the sidewall was damaged . After leaving there i headed for home and in time found i had another leak . Pulled up at the side of the road and had a nice young fellow give me a ride to the door . With him being on Facebook , i am sure he will get to read the link to this post , so thanks to Florian , for the ride and speaking English to a lazy old fart .


Saturday, November 23, 2013


Cycling is NOT something that the Chief of New Scotland Yard , Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the Metropolitan Police commissioner does , he revealed when interviewed on BBC London Radio recently !  Unlike  Boris ( motormouth ) Johnson 
who has claimed responsibility for the increase in Cycling in the City that he supervises as Lord Mayor.

Emulating " Monty Python Antics" with this ?

  "  Mr Johnson says that his cycle lanes are safe, and that some cyclists ought to be more careful—not wearing headphones, for example".

 Both of these gents were commenting on the loss of 6 Cyclists  in 9 days on London Roads , a significant loss , against the  previous calendar year of  2012 , when only 14 Cyclists were lost  in Traffic "Accidents /Incidents "!                                                                                                                                                    Boris with Bernie

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe had this to say on the Radio :

“I’ve never been a big bike rider anyway but it seems to be that if you get it wrong, or the driver gets it wrong, the person that’s going to pay is the cyclist.
“It seems to me that there’s a lot of traffic and personally I wouldn’t (cycle). But of course some people don’t have the choice; economically it’s not easy you know.
Later in the day he had to issue the following Statement when the earlier comments caused people to assume that he had implied that Cyclists were "skint /poor /   :
“I was expressing a personal view as a non-cyclist and I would like to clarify my position.
“There is no doubt that despite the growth of cycling in London, it has got safer and its cost effectiveness and health benefits make it an attractive option for many people."
The graph here shows clearly that there is a 
problem on London roads . From reliable 
sources , " From TfLs own statistics, in 2012
 there were 14 cyclist fatalities and 657 serious 
cyclist casualties." Reports in the Media , indicate there have been 13 Cyclist Deaths in the UK ( mid month ) , so far in November 2013 . 

With the spike of Cyclist Fatalities , Boris has been reported to make outlandish claims which reflect very poorly on his character . Bear in mind that there is an expectation , that when he finishes as Mayor , he plans to take up residence in the House of Commons ( US House of Reps ) , on his way to seeking the Job of Prime Minister ! With English Politics being what it is at present , ANY Comic , has a good chance ?
Some of those suffering the hazards of London Roads , have this to say , on the subject of London Transport 
 " The odd day when I have to travel by public transport is miserable, stuck standing on a bus in traffic inhaling everyone else's breath, or squashed on the tube in a tunnel everytime I do it I consider what a difference cycling to work could make to the lives of the people travelling in misery and paying for the priviledge! "It seems to me there is a lot of traffic" - yes well done Bernie that's the chief problem, hence trying to get more people on bikes, hence all the fuss when they keep getting killed, keep up. The various comments from people in power this week have been astonishing. At Wits End

  "  No Mr Hogan-Howe, when I was working in London I rode cos
1) It was farking great
2) I got to work buzzing and wide awake
3) 8 miles took me 25 mins by bike, 45-50 mins by train/tube and over an hour to drive.
 " Poor dear. Benefits of my regular commute:

* better physical and psychological health
* increased concentration levels at work
* less illness
* it's quicker

Bernie mate, it's not the money,"

Whilst this was going on , the Judiciary in Norfolk were busy collecting Revenue from a Self Proclaimed "#bloodycyclist " tweeter !  In revealing that she had " skittled a Cyclist " , she tweeted :

  "  Definitely knocked a cyclist off his bike earlier. I have right of way – he doesn't even pay road tax!" and came with the hashtag, #bloodycyclists."

She was convicted of " Failing to Stop & Failing to report " an accident ! The more important charge , She was found not guilty of  " careless driving."!  Can you believe that SHE confessed to the CRIME , yet it is not accepted as a CRIME ?  Relieved of GBP637 , there is no report of whether the Cyclist has received any recompense for the damage to bike or " slight Injuries suffered ?

Another JUDICIAL failure was in Oxford where a bus collided with a Cyclist , whilst on it's way to a rest stop . When the Cyclist caught up , he was PLAIN Spoken about the incident , to a brazen , uncaring female driver :
  "  Lee said: “I tried to talk to her and she said she didn’t care and to report her.
“It was quite a serious thing to happen to me and it shook me up.
“I complained to the company and the bus driver was sacked, but she got her job back on appeal.
“She got a second chance so I’m just asking for one for me. I sincerely apologise to everyone.”
HE now has a Criminal record , after paying out GBP35 and LAUGHABLY " Victim Costs of GBP15 " ! The " LAW is an ASS ", surely applies here ? In addition there appears to be no record , of her conviction for similar offences to the " Emma WAY matter "?

In the Comic relief segment of the news , you find this GEM :

some of the comments are hilarious , yet this pompous fool , really believes that what he had to say was relevant to the current Road Carnage .

Even the Canadians wonder IF Cyclists being KILLED on the roads is a Crime :

Rising Canadian squash star Adrian Dudzicki was murdered yesterday by Aleksey Aleksev, while riding his bicycle to practice in Toronto. The weapon was a 1992 BMW 325; Aleksev has been charged with dangerous driving causing death and criminal negligence causing death.
Not seen the Excuses offered by the Car driver !

Another Canadian " Incident " demonstrates that a Car driver can KILL , but there are ONLY Complaints about Cyclists :


This could ONLY happen in the USA :


This month, two cyclists traveling in bike lanes up canyon roads have been struck head-on by cars. In both cases, the drivers crossed the center line and the opposite lane to collide with the cyclists near or on the far shoulder ("Utah Judge Anthony Quinn killed in canyon auto-bike accident," Tribune, Oct. 24).

They don't shoot " Judges "? They run them down !

According to USA Today:

Fatality rates for drivers begin to climb after age 65, according to a recent study by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, based on data from 1999-2004. From ages 75 to 84, the rate of about three deaths per 100 million miles driven is equal to the death rate of teenage drivers. For drivers 85 and older, the fatality rate skyrockets to nearly four times higher than that for teens.
And yet when an 81 year old driver kills an 84 year old cyclist, everyone blames the victim and demands bike licensing and there is not a peep, anywhere, about whether 81 year old drivers should be relicenced. Why is there this disconnect?

Because there are millions of voting seniors who can't live without their cars, and seniors are about the only people who pay for newspapers anymore. But cyclists? Who cares as long as they get out of the way.

Sydney , Australia has seen it's share of recent Cyclist Deaths , as has South Africa , both of whom are trying to have Laws revised to reflect the need for 1 1/2M safe passing and " Strict Liability " , as in Europe .

A South African article :

Victoria State of Australia , seems to have taken a STRONG Step forward in their current Road Safety Campaign starting TODAY , 25th November , with the imposition of $A437 fines AND 4 Demerit Points for Each Use of Mobile Technology , unrelated to Driving :

Cyclists don't seem to care to much about " Safety Issues  " , since the following is being IGNORED :

Seems to be an issue that few will worry about until they find themselves in a strange country , after an unpleasant experience ?

HOW HARD is it for English Speaking Countries to copy Europe with :

1 1/2M ( 5ft ) Safe Passing , EVERYWHERE ?

Strict Liability Laws :

Compulsory Check of ALL Traffic Incident participants' Cell/Mobile Phone Records 

My Facebook comment on the Change.org Petition :

  " These people will not be signing ANY Petition to improve Cycling Safety Issues :

Details of the 13 cyclists to die so far in 2013 in London can be found below:

1: George Orrey, Leytonstone hit and run, Feb 9 (v car): http://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/wife-of-cyclist-tells-hitandrun-driver-come-to-the-mortuary-8494815.html

 2: Dr Katharine Giles, Victoria Street, April 8 (v HGV): http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/parents-of-cycling-death-scientist-dr-katharine-giles-pay-tribute-to-her-groundbreaking-work-on-climate-change-8568020.html

 3: Paul Hutcheson, Lewisham, June 24 (v car): http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/wife-of-cyclist-killed-in-suspected-hit-and-run-in-lewisham-pays-heartbreaking-tribute-to-her-soul-mate-8675885.html

 4: Philippine de Gerin-Ricard, Boris bike rider, Aldgate/Whitechapel, July 5 (v HGV): http://lydall.standard.co.uk/2013/10/mother-of-first-borisbiker-to-die-my-daughter-was-an-innocent-victim-of-dangerous-roads.html

 5: Alan Neve, Holborn, July 15 (v HGV):  http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/family-pay-tribute-to-kind-compassionate-loving-alan-neve-51-who-was-killed-when-hit-by-tipper-truck-in-holborn-8713203.html

6: Dr Clive Richards, Archway Road, August 5 (v HGV): http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/protect-cyclists-say-family-of-ex-gp-killed-in-crash-on-archway-road-8752093.html

 7: Chiara Giacomini, West Dulwich, September 4 (v HGV) : http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/tributes-flood-in-to-cyclist-killed-in-dulwich-on-day-mayor-announced-fines-for-hgvs-flouting-safety-measures-8801141.html

 8: Maria Karsa, Aldgate/Whitechapel, September 15 (died September 22) (v HGV): http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/ill-never-ride-a-bike-again-says-boyfriend-of-young-cyclist-dragged-under-tipper-truck-in-aldgate-8838507.html

 9: Brian Holt, November 5, Mile End Road (v HGV): http://road.cc/content/news/98457-mile-end-death-cyclist-named-another-critical-after-coach-crash

10: Francis Golding, Southampton Row , Nov 5 (died November 8) (v coach): http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/cyclist-killed-in-holborn-coach-crash-named-as-architecture-expert-francis-golding-8932634.html

 11: Roger De Klerk, East Croydon, November 12 (v 410 bus): http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/london-cyclist-deaths-met-warning-over-hgv-killing-machines-8941184.html 

12: Venera Minakhmetova, Bow roundabout/Cycle Superhighway 2, November 13 (v HGV): http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/russian-tech-entrepreneur-24-is-named-as-12th-cyclist-to-die-in-london-this-year-8939369.html

13: Unidentified man, Whitechapel High Street, November 13 (died nov 14) (v 205 bus): http://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/mayor-boris-johnson-warns-london-cyclists-against-taking-risky-decisions-after-fifth-rider-death-in-nine-days-8938505.html

For a comparison of statistics showing the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured since 2000, and whether cycling in London is getting safer or more dangerous, see this blog post by Adam Bienkov.


Sunday, November 10, 2013


NO !

But the Judiciary behaves as if it is !

Point a GUN at a citizen ANYWHERE and SWAT Teams are called out , Every Law Enforcement on the Radio Network , leaves their Meals , Desks or other Policing matters to show up at the scene !

Drive a vehicle over a Cyclist and you will be SYMPATHISED with , by L.E.O. , by standers , MEDIA , your neighbours and Family , because YOU are TRAUMATISED ! Too bad about the Cyclist ! Too bad about THEIR Family ! Lets think about the living , after all , it could happen to US/me ?     Right ?


CYCLISTS are people , they HELP YOU ! They choose to ride , when the easy option is to jump in that Vehicle , that they ALSO own , to do that neighbourhood chore ! Forgotten the milk , hop on the bike !


Too many in vehicles are SINGLE occupant on their way , to a nearby destination . Was it laziness that decided the use of the vehicle ? TOO hard to put on a Helmet , get the bike out on the road ? How convenient is the vehicle parked at the front door ? Does it need to be a situation , where if you make the choice of a vehicle rather than the bike , that you will lose the parking space ? That may apply in larger Cities , but in the Burbs ?

Just as Cyclists do not consciously think about the CARBON Footprint , nor does the vehicle user . Those that are thinking about the Planet , are fewer than people realise . Certainly there is a growing conscientiousness of the need to conserve the Planet's resources , BUT , " i'll just nip down the road " , doesn't enter that discussion ?


 They are part of YOUR Neighbourhood , Family AND Social Network .

Above is the photo of a family that was happily enjoying life in Brisbane , Australia , until the mother was out Cycling one day ! 

Here follows the photo , of a Cyclist ( www.amygillett.org.au )  that was out training with her colleagues , 8 years back !


Here is a photo of a Guy , Joshua Alper ,http://news.ucsc.edu/2013/11/in-memoriam-josh-alper.html )   that the local LEO , thought was not worth writing a Citation against the driver , when struck and killed !

Countless cases of the Judiciary , throughout the world , demonstrate that they do not do the work for which they receive Salary ! Some are " Elected Officials " , others Salaried Employees ! ALL with an " attitude problem " that needs ajustment ? Wonder how they deal with the LOSS of THEIR Family OR Friends ?

This article deals with some of the News Items that i have seen elsewhere during the past months  :


Each Cyclist has contributed to THEIR Community , in their OWN way ! As you operate that Vehicle , are you 100% attentive to the task at hand ? So many think that they are ! They are busy texting , tweeting , smoking , eating , speaking and DREAMING , that they so many times say " SMIDSY "! Yes , there are some that " the sun was in my eyes " , " they came out of nowhere " , apologists , as well as " S orry M ate I D idn't S ee Y ou ( SMIDSY ) "!

Follow My example , make YOUR Legislature AWARE ! Here are a few people that i think COULD MAKE A Difference , IF they choose :

When i saw this article i responded :


It reminded me of this article :


AS we celebrate Remembrance Sunday , in OUR own way , is it not time to remember FALLEN CYCLISTS ? They set out to enjoy their day , yet their family are left bereft ! Wonder when there will be a DAY , to mark " The Unnecessary Passing of ALL Cyclists "?

As i finish this post , i find that an injured Sydney Cyclist , has reportedly died of the injuries that left him in a Coma  . He had been riding with a Local Group near Kurnell , a suburb , South of Sydney 's Botany Bay and Airport . No vehicle involved , BUT , will the local authorities have to answer to the Coroner for the state of the Cycle Path being used ?


Is it not TIME , to have a dedicated Sunday , to remember THOSE Cyclists lost on the roads ? There are SO MANY other Events for a variety of reasons , BUT , Cyclists come from ALL walks of life and their LOSS impacts on the WHOLE Community ?

Here is the link to show ONE Family , they are in OUR thoughts :

Acc Name.... A Night For Michelle Fundraiser. Commonwealth Bank. BSB 064 172...a/c: 1068 2330.


This is the result of the " Summer Time Hour being changed "! Some people would have for gotten that the clocks going back an hour meant that it was darker the next working Monday ?


Lots of laughs in the comments :

  "  Maybe a good solution is for the police to team up with a bike shop and then do a 'stop and fit or get a fine' initiative.
The police would get to enforce the law in a way that's friendly and helpful, cyclists get lit up properly and it would also save money on handing out then rescinding fines. A local bike shop would do a decent trade as well.
If any cyclists refused to fit lights, then fine them for being a dickhead."
  "  I wonder whether the Police officer concerned and custody Sergeant that didn't query the offence oughtn't to be charged with wasting police time. At the very least they ought to be docked the wages for the time spent on this.

  " The main thing people are missing with this is the fact he is in Blackpool and was being nicked for not having any illumination.
Ah, feck it, pearls before swine...
  "  Quite, I couldn't agree more.
And while we are at it, we should reintroduce the Birch for pavement parking and hanging for drunk driving, speeding, driving while using a handheld mobile phone, driving a car through a red traffic light etc etc.
  "  CPS - Can't Prosecute S***e! Great post, well considered and thank goodness there are people like you out there!


Monday, October 28, 2013

MY NEIGHBOUR ! What chance with others ?

SMIDSY ( S orry M ate I d idn't s ee Y OU )  from a neighbour , hurrying to a Sunday afternoon drive ?

An attitude of "I AM BIGGER THAN YOU " , as the blue estate car pulled into a slightly wider street , from the one lane track that runs past his house . I have not had a look to see if this peasant , actually lives in that lane , which i am allowed to ride a bike along , but is signposted against " Rat running ". No point as he had driven off elsewhere .

Living in rural Tirol ( An area bidding for the UCI Road Race Champs in 2016? ) of Austria , in the village of a Radio Shack Racer , you would think that the locals are aware of Cyclists . Not so , the local Polizei only see me when the local turd complains about me stopping them in their driveway to explain that , " I ride to promote " BEHINDERTEN ( disabled/para ) SPORT " , not to join them !

My gate is on RHS of photo past house , note the road sign and width of lane used by neighbour ! The white car is about where the Blue Estate car stopped.

The road i live in , is 40kph and 10M east of my entrance there  is a choke point that is wide enough for a Bus/Truck to pass through whilst others travelling west wait . Regularly in the afternoon , as i sit in the sun , i see Coaches having to back up East , so as to allow another Bus/Coach/truck to pass through . No doubt this is because there is more backed up traffic going west ? This road is NOT the main road , but has become an escape route since local bus services use it to capture more passengers in the winter . Many of the houses , are winter accomodation for Skiers , thus walking in Ski Boots and carrying Skis , etc , poses an unacceptable burden for the visitor ? Local traffic at this time of year involves many tractors towing extra sized Farm machinery .

My gate is on LHS of photo

When the village has the " Speed Radar Display ", and when i am not aware of it , i usually see 35kph displayed , but when i know it is there , i am trying for in excess of 45kph , OOps , i meant 40kph ! This village is 40kph throughout , but  vehicles make sure they get in front of you , before they decide to observe the " Speed Limit ", when they remember ?

Yesterday , i was 50M from my gate bowling along at 30+kph , when " Herr A**ole , arrived at the end of his lane , looked at me ,  ABSOLUTELY SURE  he saw me , looked right for vehicles , then drove into my space ! The part of the road i was on , was NOT WIDE ENOUGH for 2 vehicles to pass , but hey a BIKE, THAT CAN STOP , can't it ? Well i went left and stopped in his path , he stopped blocking the road , looked at me , like " WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE "? Then imperiously waved , get out of my way  ! Woman passenger was looking at me saying something , then at him , then he shrugged , like " What do we do now "? Well no point talking to him , hopefully the woman was filling his ear ?

Previous blogposts , have mentioned a variety of other incidents in this road , let alone elsewhere . Fact is , whereever you live as a Cyclist , you can NOT RELAX , each vehicle poses a hazard , regardless of whether it is following or coming towards you . Brad Wiggins wins the " Le Tour " and a neighbour rewards him with a visit to Hospital . Regular reports of Racers of every Cycling discipline feature in the Media and it is ALWAYS reported as the Media's  " impression ", that the CYCLIST was the cause of THEIR Misfortune !

CYCLISTS choose to ride the roads for a variety of reasons . In my case , yesterday was a means to get out and about , after watching the Solden Ski Races on Eurosport . In past years , i would arrive in the Resort on Tuesday with my bike , ride to the Glacier on several days , ski with the Racers on their training tracks and ASK them to speak about " Para Sport " with the Media . Since my " Fund Raiser " at Solden in 1998 , i have rarely missed Solden or the Kitzbuhel Weekend , but this year with no car the past 2 months , i have been disinclined to rent a car to make the journey . My original plan was to have headed to Oz after this event but as yet still awaiting replies to some matters that i started enquiries about in August ! Some "Jobsworth " is about to receive a kicking from their Head of Department , particularly when i post the blog on that story !

AS most reading will know , i support several " Cycle Safety Blog/Websites " but i am going to plagerise a new site i found today , since it reveals many of the issues i have previously mentioned !




The New site :


A selection of points :

  " what needs to be done is: 
1. Proper funding and world best practice design, even if it means taking space away from moving and parked cars.  This doesn't mean separated Copenhagen-style paths on every street.  It means useful, connected, planned bike routes where necessary, which are separated from cars.  
2. Lowering speed limits: 30kph on local streets and 50kph on connector roads.  Here in Brisbane, and in most Australian cities, the default speed limit is 50kph.  That means that even little laneways, cul-de-sacs, residential neighbourhoods, nursing homes etc. etc. drivers can drive at 50kph and usually drive at 60kph happily. Next up in the hierarchy of roads, collector roads which provide local access but also move traffic from local roads to main routes, speed limits are usually 60kph or 70kph,  which means drivers do anywhere between 65 to 80 kph.  Seriously, if you drive around Brisbane at or below the speed limit, you will get honked at, abused, or cut off by irate drivers who want to stay with the flow of traffic (generally 5 to 10 kph above the posted limit.
3. Changes to the road rules so that cyclists don't have to pretend to be cars, or are at least protected from cars.  Bicycles are not cars and should not be categorised as 'vehicles'. The average person cannot propel a bicycle so as to beat a car to a destination further than 5km away. The average person probably couldn't propel a bicycle across an intersection quicker than a car. Being forced to do so (by having to stop at stop signs or red lights, and being prohibited from crossing with pedestrians) means the average person won't even try.
4. Get rid of mandatory helmet laws.  There's lots of evidence that while helmets may prevent some types of head injury in the unlikely event of some types of crashes, the social damage mandatory helmet laws cause (disincentive to cycling, shaping cycling culture as a male-dominated sporting culture, risk compensation, signalling that cyclists are responsible for mitigating danger etc. etc.) far outweighs the advantages. Despite this, State Government still churns out the propaganda.
Some submissions call for an awareness campaign.  Even though none have worked before, not even Scotland's depressingly fucked up Niceway Code campaign (which even goes so far to say that cyclists are not even a subspecies, they're horses).
The problem with most government produced awareness campaigns is that they are usually undermined by government's inherent, car-centric bias.  Some pinhead in Scotland's traffic department probably thought cyclists wouldn't mind being ridiculed, if it got drivers onside. I wonder how many Scottish cyclists get carrots thrown at them instead of beer bottles. 
Australian governments have the same bias.  For example, Queensland's 'Share the Road' campaign went to great lengths to deliver twin messages with equal weighting: It takes two to tango, so cyclists follow the road rules and motorists give cyclists plenty of room.   Thereby entrenching the fallacy that cyclists disobey the road rules more than cars do. 
Here's the message for drivers, encouraging them to give cyclists plenty of room on the road:

Those reading the above points will have seen much of the same in Blogs from UK, US  European & other Oz sites !


Friday, October 18, 2013

TONY ABBOTT ! A Cyclist at RISK ?

Sunday Morning after a late night celebrating , becoming the New Prime Minister of Australia ,
found Tony on his bike , an occurence that is reported to be a daily activity . Seems that he is the type of person that enjoys starting the day in the fresh air . As a private citizen he would be an anonymous figure riding the roads of Canberra whilst Parliament is in Session , perhaps less so when at the Family home in the Sydney suburbs?

Like every other Cyclist he would be risking his life when in close proximity to those that have a grudge against Cyclists ? Where ever in the world you live , it appears that the " Vehicle Operator " regards a cyclist as " road furniture "! What is in the mind of those that jump in their vehicle ? Does enclosing themselves in a vehicle change their " MINDSET " , causing them to ignore their responsibility to other Road Users ?

Normally i regard Trucks as being driven by " PROFESSIONAL Drivers " , in general the greater percentage are thoughtful on country roads . There are a few that need a reminder , having me tell their Client  at pickup , about their driving behaviour as they arrive to make that delivery or pickup , comes as a surprise that they and their employer don't enjoy . Imagine how the client feels about their " Products " travelling with a driver who has a blatant disregard to others on the road ? Not ALL Clients will call the driver's employer or the alternative , the Polizei, but the fact that you have turned up on their doorstep adds to the daily burden and i doubt that the driver will be prepared to risk a repeat of the event ?

Cyclist Safety is currently getting some attention by the Queensland Government in Australia . Many Witnesses have been invited to OFFER their evidence to the Committee . Many Cyclist Safety Groups such as the " Amy Gillett Foundation " & " Safe cycling Australia " have added their views . Other parties such as Vehicle Operators have also been offered the opportunity .

In declining to attend this Committee , the " Queensland TruckingAssociation Ltd", sent the following letter :

24th September 2013

Howard Hobbs MP
Transport, Housing and Local Government Committee
Parliament House
George Street
Brisbane Qld 4000 Your Ref: CYC_130912_03

Dear Howard
Re: Inquiry into Cycling Issues
I write to provide a brief response to the Transport Housing and Local Government Committee,
Inquiry into Cycling Issues.
I am unable to accept the invitation to appear before your Committee on the 1st
 October 2013 due
to prior commitments.
My submission takes the form of some general comments without necessarily specifically
addressing the dot points (Terms of Reference) in the email dated 12th September 2013.
I am familiar with the presentation to your Committee by the Department of Transport and Main
Roads. I support in general the Department’s submissions.
The Queensland Trucking Association Ltd is the pre-eminent spokesgroup of heavy vehicle
operators involved in the delivery of the Hire and Reward freight task. The freight task is critically
important to the Queensland economy and the Queensland community and already operators
under a range of parameters imposed by Road Law.
For further detail of the freight task and the important role of the heavy vehicle industry I refer you
to the following:
 The Draft Moving Freight Strategy shortly to be endorsed and released by Government. The
Minister for Transport and Main Roads held a meeting of key stakeholders on the 18th July
2013 and sought detailed submissions/responses from key stakeholders.
 The Queensland Road Safety Action Plan 2013/15, in particular those elements which have a
direct impact on heavy vehicle safety. My Association is engaged with the Department ofTransport and Main Roads to further develop activities and strategies designed to deliver
heavy vehicle safety outcomes.
 The Australian Trucking Association recently released a report titled - Future Strategy for
Road Supply & Charging which can be accessed via the link embedded in the title of the
report. This document was prepared by and reflects the views of PricewaterhouseCoopers.
Its primary function is to address the issues of heavy vehicle charging and road pricing. You
may find this document valuable in understanding the demographics of our industry and the
challenge of finding a balance between road pricing (registration charges and fuel excise) and
supply side reform (road funding).

My Association has a very firm view that we need to participate as an industry with the community
in the reduction of road crashes and fatalities. It is our view that a significant component of actions
to be taken include education of the community and more broadly all road users including cyclists

in Sharing the Road with Heavy Vehicles. 

It is our considered view that your Committee not recommend solutions in relation to cyclists
safety which would make it even harder to manage safety outcomes for heavy vehicles, light
commercial vehicles and other road users. An example of such policy failure was the trial
introduction of confining heavy vehicles to a single lane (the left hand lane) on the Brisbane Urban
Corridor three years ago. This so called solution was un-enforceable from a policing perspective,
created significant risks for motorists turning into or out of access on the left hand side of those
roads which make up the Brisbane Urban Corridor e.g. Mt Gravatt-Capalaba and Kessels Roads.
In our view any considerations and recommendations of your Committee must be enforceable,
must be practicable and must not impede the efficiency, productivity and safety of all other road
users in particular the heavy vehicle/freight industry.
I trust that these few comments assist your Committee, provide insight into the heavy vehicle
industry and the freight task and direct you to a number of documents to assist in that regard.

Yours Sincerely
Peter Garske
Chief Executive Officer

PO Box 325, Stones Corner Qld 4120 Ph: (07) 3394 4388 Fax: (07) 3397 9324

Transport Industry House, 1/96 Cleveland Street, Stones Corner admin@qta.com.au http://www.qta.com.au
Delivering to Queensland Since 1907 ~ The Industry Voice to Government

As i am sure people are aware , this letter is written by the " VESTED INTEREST GROUP"!

thus this :  " in Sharing the Road with Heavy Vehicles. "      could be considered as a reasonable response ? I separated out that remark from the letter , so that people would be aware of this .

Wonder if Tony feels in the mood to take a ride in Queensland , when he next has occasion to spend time there ?

Some ideas i read which may help those seeking to make Cycling safer :

 " Governments need to move away from spin and tokenism and show commitment and leadership when it comes to encouraging cycling. There are three areas requiring attention to get results :

1). Education and promotion, first about the benefits of cycling to all, not just the cyclists, and
second about key safety issues facing cyclists. What is needed is not just a perfunctory effort as has happened in the past, but a proper sustained media campaign that produces behavioural changes.

2). Better infrastructure, including continuous uninterrupted cycling infrastructure, separated as
far as possible from motorized traffic. The Government needs not only to commit adequate funds, but actually show the political will needed to implement infrastructure to protect cyclists in the face of opposition.

3). Better laws and law enforcement. Current laws do not adequately protect cyclists as vulnerable road users and the laws that do exist are not properly enforced.

Motorists frequently act with apparent impunity, with illegal and hazardous actions towards cyclists occurring all the time, yet there are rarely any consequences for the culprits.

As usual , those reading this blog , will find it too hard , to offer their ideas ?

ADDITION on sat 19/10/13

Hey Tony , NO Aussie interested in your welfare , but the Chinese appear to be ?

stats on blog

United States
Hong Kong

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Monday, October 7, 2013

2014 Giro d'Italia ! Pro Racers ONLY Welcome ?

For 16 seasons i have ridden the Routes of the Grand Tours .
This year i completed my 15th Giro d'Italia , although i did not ride  every stage after Tarvisio , Nature played a large part in that failure . I had to laugh after getting out of bed in the Val di Non , intending to ride the Friday Etappe and saw snow on the fields outside . No point going any further after my Host told me that the Passo Tonale was already snowed in . I later saw another rider post a photo of the top of the Passo Tonale , i guess he rode his bike there but i had gone back to bed .

This year the Giro d'Italia seems to have broken their normal traditions . Not only do they start on a FRIDAY in Ireland , but they finish in Trieste . In addition to this they have 3 Rest days ! Looking at the flight from Dublin to Bari ( at a guess ) , it seems to need a rest day to get over the change in Cultures , let alone a probable change of weather conditions ? For Racers , it doesn't matter about the costs involved , in their stay in any Country , but living off my savings , a visit to cold & wet Belfast , is not the ideal start to nearly a month of travelling .

Those Racers that know me , will know that since 2010 , i have had the little green Citroen available as back up for Medical Emergencies. My dose of P.E. after the 2009 Tour de France and repeat in Feb 2011 at the Tour de Med has reminded me that i am getting on in years and Medical Assistance with Hospitalisation is not the best of Ideas . The first bout entailed 10 days in the Schwaz Hospital but the second bout only required 2 Nights since i opted to drive non stop from Monaco to Schwaz , since i knew their records would be able to shortcut any unnecessaryly repeated exploratory work .

From COLD & WET Belfast and Dublin  , with their grey granite buildings to the South of Italy with 30c+ temps and Mediteranean architecture overnight , quite a contrast ? I recall the transfer from Wet & gloomy Belgium , years ago to Bergamo , with a tad warmer but gloomy weather that lasted until the Team Time Trial of Cremona to Piacenza , that was run the next day  in mid 30s sunshine . The contrast was very welcome for me .Several visits to that area since have always produced comfortably warm sunny conditions .

The choice for me is to depart Dublin by air , or to head to Bari and enjoy the warmer conditions as i watch the RAI TV all day broadcast , as they dart in and out of various aspects of the matters surrounding the daily events .

Today RCS had the Formal Presentation of the 2014 Giro Route . Various Racers were on hand , although which of them actually race will not be determined until after the 2014 Tour de France route is revealed .

Here is the daily schedule :

2014 Giro Route :   Total Distance 3450 km

1/ Friday, May 9 21.7 km
Belfast (IE) → Belfast (IE)

2/ Saturday, May 10 218 km
Belfast (IE) → Belfast (IE)

3/ Sunday, May 11 187 km
Armagh (IE) → Dublin (IE)

TRansfer Monday, May 12
Rest day

4/ Tuesday, May 13 121 km
Giovinazzo → Bari

5/ Wednesday, May 14 200 km
Taranto → Viggiano

6/ Thursday, May 15 247 km
Sassano → Montecassino

7/ Friday, May 16 214 km
Frosinone → Foligno

8/ Saturday, May 17 174 km
Foligno → Montecopiolo

9/ Sunday, May 18 174 km
Lugo → Sestola

Rest Day Monday, May 19
Rest day

10/ Tuesday, May 20 184 km
Modena → Salsomaggiore

11/ Wednesday, May 21 249 km
Correggio → Savona

12/ Thursday, May 22 46.4 km
Barbaresco → Barolo

13/ Friday, May 23 158 km
Fossano → Rivarolo Canavese

14/ Saturday, May 24 162 km
Agliè → Oropa

15/ Sunday, May 25 217 km
Valdengo → Montecampione

Rest day Monday, May 26
Rest day

16/ Tuesday, May 27 139 km
Ponte di Legno → Val Martello

17/ Wednesday, May 28 204 km
Sarnonico → Vittorio Veneto

18/ Thursday, May 29 171 km
Belluno → Malga Panarotta

19/ Friday, May 30 26.8 km
Bassano del Grappa → Monte Grappa

20/ Saturday, May 31 167 km
Maniago → Monte Zoncolan

21/ Sunday, June 1 169 km
Gemona → Trieste

  Total Distance 3450 km


Thursday, October 3, 2013


Stupidity on the roads , condensed to this , when you visit the firm owning the vehicle ! Polizei in Austria , like elsewhere , will only act if they see the incident ! It is a fair assumption , that there are three sides to and traffic Incident , The driver of the aggressing vehicle , the intimidated victim  AND OF COURSE , the truth as seen by any UNBIASED Witnesses !

Having photoed the location , i will describe in detail the events at 11.15am , today , 3rd October 2013 , in some detail , when i return to the house . Courtesy of a neighbouring village Internet point , i have emailed the owner of the Kreidl Vehicle in Canada ! Vehicle is a white van with reg plates KU-654GW !

Having made my thursday ride to Schwaz , i called on a buddy in Jenbach on the way home . He was delighted to stand in the sun chewing the fat and commented that Friday was going to be as gloomy as the earlier part of the week had been . With that in mind , having dropped off the shopping , i set out for the ride to Kufstein , 32+km east of the house . This normally takes an hour in each direction , give or take depending on wind strengths . Living in a 40kph zone , i regularly catch up with traffic as it snakes through to Rattenberg . Half a kilometre before the Inn river bridge , the road takes a 90 ° left as seen in the photo of the bus , runs a few hundred metres then takes a 90° right and then over the bridge . Cornering at 30kph is assisted by Mirrows positioned at the left turn apex  , i guess for the Buses , but works for most traffic . As usual i was pushing to maximise the speed , so was surprised as i was passing the Camper Van on the RHS to find a van overtaking me . I heard him coming up behind but with less than 100M could not imagine WHY the risk ?

As he came alongside , coming ther other way was a Yellow Bus , thus he FORGOT me and moved right into my path . But then he braked , he had decided to turn left off this road ! He was heading into his EMPLOYERS Premises ! Both manouvers were ill considered , had the Polizei seen this , they would have spoken to him as they asked for his Driving ID ! Having braked hard , i was able to avoid collision with the kerb and his vehicle , but i was able to see the ADVERTISING on his vehicle ! Moreorless in front of me was his Employers Showroom , so i rode the bike in the door .

What follows would be the classic " Faulty Towers Scenario "! Having asked the receptionist for the " Manager / Director " , i was told the owner was in Canada but expected the " next week "! Having asked for the Next senior i was told they were in Innsbruck . Having called for the driver , this " manfred " arrived then realising the situation , proceeded to draw a diagram of the road as he recalled the incident , including the bus. Meanwhile the receptionist was busy complying with my request for the Canadian Email address , so i could alert their Owner to the " Couldn't care less attitude "!

A fellow rolled out of his office behind the reception , in his wheelchair , joined in discussion with the lady then some " Bolshie , designer stubbled guy rolled up shouting the odds "!  Asked if i was hurt , then said " If you are not hurt , Why are you bothering us "? In german it became " RAUS ; RAUS , RAUS , get off our premises ! Told the lady not to give me the email address and then started physically pushing me around !

I may be 68yo , but at 85kg & 1.85M i don't move easily for some pathetic no hoper . When it appeared the driver was going to join the fracas , i decided that no more would be achieved !

Each time a vehicle passes , a Cyclist has no idea who is driving , but most , when confronted will own up to their careless behaviour with apologies . This is perhaps one of the first occasions that someone has tried to physically assault me , on behalf of the driver concerned !

Of course , when you are arriving back at your employers premises , you hardly expect to be confronted by the person , that you just caused grief ? Try " Googling " Kriedl " , i get more out of that source for " Parrabuddy & Skippydetour "!  Perhaps that is the reason , their vehicles ALL have their company name so prominently displayed !

Not being in the need of Bathroom or heating Equipment , i see no possibility of a result from Boycotting their products ! Nor since the polizei did not see the incident , do i expect them to involve themselves . Later i saw that driver thundering through Rattenberg above the posted 40kph , i feel sure that his licence is at risk, BUT , more importantly , when he buries an innocent , he will drag down his Employer on a Corporate Manslaughter Charge ! Only a question of whether it is a Child or Adult that suffers !

More follows