Friday, April 13, 2012

Jeremy Clarkson : Moving to Cycling ?

Media drone , or are his ratings slipping ? Certainly “ praising Cycling “ is not what you expect from this guy ? Albeit they were Danes in Copenhagen ! So what is the agenda here then ? Can anyone imagine this guy on a bike , even if it is in foreign parts ? Having opened his mouth and thus been reported in the “ Times ” , various other media channels have picked up this story thus giving him a platform to exploit his “ persona ” which for many years has been “ anti cycling ” ! His admiration for San Francisco and Rome is understandable but Damascus ? That London is in the mix makes sense but then trying to compare London and Copenhagen as Cycling locations is like comparing chalk and cheese ! Not watching TV in the UK in recent times I am unable to comment on his programme but have seen a variety of comments by others . That some of his viewers would echo his attitudes towards Cyclists is not a great surprise . People tend to emulate their “ heroes ” and no doubt down the pub his sense of humour would be echoed by “ lager louts ” . Made the following comment on Facebook in response to an article ( http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/public/cyclesafety/article3379782.ece# ) I read recently : “ Just found this article and it is still a timely reminder of the RISKS that ALL Cyclists have to endure DAILY ! Jeremy Clarkson has recently stated he would live in Copenhagen and join the cyclists on the roads there . Well Jeremy lets see you there on TV and whilst you are at it " Promote 20mph speed limits with Cyclists' Safety as a LEGAL Priority in these areas ! Jeremy you want to separate Cyclists from the danger from motorists THEN ADVOCATE for the 20mph limit and Cyclists HAVE TO BE PROVEN as the cause of the collision not just because they are riding a bike ! You can also ADVOCATE that the JUDICIARY pass harsher penalties for Motorists causing Injury and Jail Terms for those causing Death ! ” Another comment I made to “ Road.CC ” ( http://road.cc/content/news/56433-jeremy-clarkson-turns-cycling-advocate-he-praises-copenhagens-approach#comment-96707 ) , I hope , could make a difference should Clarkson be genuine about his views on Cycling : “ Media darling that he thinks he is , Clarkson could curry favour by doing a segment on his " show " demonstrating the correct way to drive whilst near Cyclists and other V unerable R oad U sers ! Should he decide to do this he could approach this subject from several points , since , Busses tend to speed up to pass Cyclists then turn into bus stops , taxis overtake then swing into pick up or deposit passengers , all manner of vehicles fail to complete an overtaking manoeuvre of a cyclist before turning left , Police and Ambulances pass Cyclists without signalling their intentions and so forth . So many possibilities for him to address , BUT , does he have the ability ? Suggestions of his riding " Lejog " or a free ticket to " Damascus " are more likely results , than him being able to convince the " selfish motorist " , that a change of their behaviour , will save them from a blanket 20MPH urban speed limit , whilst the Cycling Infrastructure , needed 30+ years ago , is being constructed ! Additionally he will need to bend the ears of those responsible for the " soft attitude " to those that injure or KILL " V R U " ! " Cyclinglawyer's " recent Blog , highlights the inadequacy of the Judiciary’s' efforts towards deterring the foolhardy who choose to " bully " Cyclists and thus cause injury or death ! Would hope " mercuryone " gets to donate that £100 and enjoyed " creepymonkey's " points ! ” Headline grabbing “ soundbites ” that could well have been intended for publishing on the 1st April but found space on the 8th April of “ The Times ”edition may well come back to haunt him !