Thursday, June 27, 2013

CHANGE is Coming ! Just not until September ?

Brian Cookson , a brit , is pursuing the road that leads to the Firenze UCI Congress in September and Presidential Election that will be held there . With many years of involvement in British Cycling , he became available to pursue this Office , when elected to the UCI Management Committee in 2009 . Since then , he has distinguished himself and has been elected President of the UCI Road Commission . This is where the similarity to the current UCI President ends . To further his aspirations for the presidency , Brian Cookson published on 24th June , his Manifesto :


As president of the British Cycling Federation since 1996 , he has achieved some significant results , some would say , " Spectacular Results " , since the past few years has seen the Australian Cycling Team having to fight for every Medal that they once thought as theirs , at every level .

Only 42 Voting Delegates have the right to cast their vote in the Election of the President . How this came about is due to the influence of one man , whose shadow still hangs over the Sport of Cycling ! Hein Verbruggen decided to relinguish the Presidency in 2005 and his influence was such , that he TOLD Everybody with the right to vote , that his " Heir Apparent " , was Pat Mc Quaid , the then President of the UCI Road Commission . Sporting Politics and the UCI Constitution has ensured , that His Wish , has seen Professional Cycling lose it's credibility with Athletes , Fans and ALL Other Stakeholders in this Sport .

In October 2012 , after Lance Armstrong was once again the centre of Media Attention , UCI , in the form of their President , announced the " UCIIC " , then in January 2013 , provided sufficient frustration to ALL External Organisations who would have given valid INPUT , that the same person decided that he could " Disband the UCIIC " , thus denying the World the " Transparency " promised .

Phat the rat , ever since he took the name of Jim Burns and claimed to be English in 1972 , has shown contempt for each and every Organisation of which he has been a part . Recently we have seen so many examples of " brinkmanship " , that it becomes a case of wondering WHY , even the IOC , allow him to hold Office , when they " Barred him from competition " as an athlete in the Olympic Movement ! When people behave with utter disdain for others , as he choses to do , you have to ask WHAT IS BROKEN IN THE SYSTEM !

Whilst i am Dublin Born and have Irish Parents , and thus travel on an Irish Passport in Europe , i like so many others , am not proud of the fact that phat is born in the same country . Barack Obama recently visited Eire , as he did in 2010 , when he was tracing his Irish Ancestral Roots , and many members of the " Kennedys " were recently in County Wexford , would they be happy to be associated with this charlatan ?

Recently phat's brother made his views of his thoughts about the Presidency known , they were not flattering!
 Kiernon was at the Giro d'Italia , manning the 2014 Grand Depart Stand , on behalf of Eire and i had occasion to speak with him and a young woman that stated that the current president , was her uncle . It seems that the Mc Quaid family has done a lot for the Irish Cycling Sport in past years , really a great shame that ALL their previous efforts are over shadowed by this reluctance to do right for Cycling by resigning  . It was almost a daily occurance in recent weeks to see UCI Matters being Headlines , very little of this was of benefit to the sport .

With the announcement by Jan Ulrich , that Lance Armstrong was being " assisted by the Powers in Cycling Sport "and the recent relevations , in respect of JaJa , those of us heading for Corsica are going to be even further mired in the past . That sections of the Media are already calling on Miguel Indurain , to " Fess up about his Activities inn the EPO Age " , is adding fuel to the debate as to what UCI was doing since 1990 ?

Those reading my blogs will recall , that i wrote to Chris Prudhomme when it became " Public Knowledge " , that ASO , owners of " Le Tour ", were going to annul ALL of Lance's 7 Victories , suggesting that ASO go back to the beginning of the " EPO Age "! My suggestion was 1990 , since EPO whilst available in the late 1980's , would not have had common usage , immediately . Speculation that Greg LeMond could have been suspect , finds very little traction , with any of the " Mushroom Hunters of the Clinic " , a veritable source of innuendo , spin & rumour .

Dockside today , in Nice were members of the Media of Italy , France and the Low Countries , all of whom were saying that the " JaJa Saga " was Old news . Numerous Teams are loaded on board this ferry , each having 5 Estate Cars , a Pullman Coach , Mechanics Truck , even a small camper Van . Not needed on Corsica are Time Trial Bikes , thus they will arrive in Nice in time for the 2nd July Time Trial . With each team having 9 Racers , you will see they could ALL have their own vehicle , but what with Soigneurs , Mechanics , Chefs and Directors Sportif , many of whom will fly into Corsica , each team will number 30+ without taking account of their PR people !

if any of you recall my comments about the West France Grand Depart/start in 2011 , when Journos were tripping and thus falling like " Dominos " , don't be surprised to hear of similar reoccurences in Porto Vecchio , this year !