Friday, December 31, 2010

Justice Denied

TOO lazy to do the job properly a petty official tries to deny Justice to a cyclist who is able to handle the Obstacle course.

"Copied direct from "thecycling silk blog"

"Friday, 31 December 2010
Home Office Response
A Home Office official at the 'Direct Communications Unit' has diverted my letter addressed to Theresa May MP to the Ministry of Justice on the grounds that 'the matters raised are the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice'.
All in a day's work I suppose to redirect a complaint on to somebody else, but is it not truely deeply shocking that an official at the Home Office does not appreciate that his/her department is responsible for the police service?
I have heard that other complaints involving the police have been misdirected in a similar way.
I shall be e mailing again asking that my letter be put before the Home Secretary.

"Dear Sirs,

I have received a letter dated 23rd December indicating that my letter of 22nd December (a copy of which is again attached) has been passed to the Ministry of Justice by an individual whose signature looks like 'M. Mioh'.
Kindly note that my letter was addressed to, and intended for, Theresa May MP, the Home Secretary and should not be redirected to the Ministry of Justice.
I find it disappointing that anybody working in the Home Office should think that the matters I raise in my letter about the police are the responsibility of the Ministry of Justice. They are not.
I would be grateful for your early confimation that my letter has been passed to Mrs May.
Yours faithfully,
Martin Porter"
Posted by Martin Porter at 19:55

How many of you out there feel as i do that Martin has a case that deserves proper respect and with the evidence available a conviction of the perpetrator.

My comment on Martin's Blog:

parrabuddy said...

Enjoy the New Year Martin !

Derailing your previous letter just serves to create a bigger problem as "Justice delayed is Justice denied"!

Does the unfortunate petty official not realise who he is dealing with?

It is no longer You ! It will be the Whole Cycling Community that will be backing you , as we the "unwashed , Legally unaware" are relying on your efforts to change the "mindset" of those who Should know better!

31 December 2010 20:29

TAKE A look at Martin's blog and send your support direct, wish i had as many followers but then he is able to do more for Cyclists at large.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


The Cycling Silk Blog today reminded me of a blog entry that i posted in February 2010 when i had been annoyed by some dangerous driving. Luckily i was able to avoid a collision and injury on those occasions but in May i was seriously inconvenienced when in collision with a car on the route of the Giro d'Italia. That incident left me with a broken helmet, bent handlebars and unable to walk without pain for nearly a week and thus unable to ride any distance for the days between Novi Liguri and the rest day at Plan Corones. Damiano Cunego had seen me in Piacenza shuffling/limping around the team hotel and was surprised to find me riding alongside him and his team mates up the time trial course on the rest day as they recognoitered the climb.

Below is the comment i made to the posting:

"This posting of yours reminds me of a posting i did on my blog in february 2010.


With your legal training and expertise it should be possible to set up a Nationally Known Web site where Cyclists can report incidents that a Coop of interested volunteers can review before publicising specific incidents thus Naming & Shaming the Employers who show a disregard to the vunerable in the community !

Too many people have experienced harassment but do not have the tools to enable them to carry forward a successful prosecution of the offenders. Funding is needed and whilst there are some who are able to Donate their time there are others who should be recompensed by the Courts for the work done in processing the matter.

When miscreants see that they can be successfully prosecuted and not only do they have to pay substantial fines for their actions but also that they have to reimburse their victims justifiable expenses, then perhaps it will dawn on these cowardly bullies that there are consequences for their anti social behaviours.

Those volunteering to work with this website would initially review complaints and their time would have a nominal monetary value attached to any complaint and then it would be passed to experts such as yourself for a decision as to whether further expenses can be justified in carrying it forward towards a successful prosecution. Obviously this scrutiny would sift out suspect and frivilous cases and occasionally there will be victims of traffic incidents who will be disappointed that their case was not strong enough to persue to a satisfactory conclusion. "

As you will appreciate there is little i can do alone, just as you will experience the same difficulty, but when like minded people cooperate with each other then there are many possibilities that can be explored. Those who consider what i am proposing worthwhile should at least leave a comment, maybe even sign on as followers or even volunteer your interest direct to Martin who may be persuaded to take up this idea with his following even if he has little time available himself.

Feel free to contact me on skippi@ausi.com with suggestions and advice.

Best wishes to all for the festive season and i hope Santa is kind to you and safe and incident free cycling in the New Year.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Cycling Silk's blog this weekend raised the alarming question of the Judiciary's attitude towards Cyclist's safety. Many examples of prosecutions by the CPS not being dealt with because they were not in the "Public Interest" but on the other side of the coin Cyclist being dealt with harshly for riding in a manner that is recommended by "various authorities on safety" !

Since when has a motorist been allowed to drive at speed into an area that they cannot see and scatter cyclists like nine pins ? "Oops just hit something, better check the panelwork", "Hey you !" "You just damaged my panel work ! What do you mean send the bill to the Cyclist's Estate?".It's a cyclist so it is not in the "Public interest " to prosecute the van driver because he couldn't see where he was driving on the road.

Currently there is a significant effort being made to encourage more to get on their bike but whilst the politicians want to keep "health Costs" down they are also happy to take money from cyclists who are making the effort to survive on the English roads.

Fatcyclist.com is currently entertaining the public with a competition to encourage his Blog visitors to lose weight during the runup to the Christmas holidays. Last time i looked there was close to 1200 comments by viewers/visitors keen to take up the challenge of losing 10lbs in the period nominated. unfortunately , much as i would like to participate, i am currently on my minimum weight thus if i stop training and add beer to my diet i will likely add weight.

An earlier post of his about the rollers encouraged/inspired me to get out on the road/race bike for a few more days. Wearing 3 extra layers i descended into the Ziller valley for an hour or so but arrived back soaked in sweat even though i was not pushing hard on the climb each time, thought i was back in the summer as i stripped off in -3 c at the house.

George the cyclist is continuing to enjoy Turkish coastal weather as he heads to Istanbul and seems to have escaped the area where he was continually stoned and has persevered with the trip even after being robbed at the start of the visit to Turkey when he was riding with a companion.


Went to facebook to do posting and found this item:


Remember AMY G. in 2005 , the drivergot off with a slap on the wrist !

Tweet by lancearmstrong
Lance Armstrong
So sad to hear this. http://usat.me?41518514. May they RIP. Thoughts go out to their families

My reply tweet

@lancearmstrong just found this on facebook! Agree with your sentiments ! Remember AMY G. in 2005, nothing done to driver will be enough !

What can any of us say to Mongrels who are Unlicensed and Uninsured?

R.I.P. Amy and ALL who are Murdered by these miscreants that lack humanity !!

PS Take some time to visit the other blogs found in the profile.