Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Fatty has poked fun at careless and dangerous drivers today !

Funny comments aside life on the bike is fraught with danger when motorists are asleep at the wheel
Operating a vehicle is a fulltime effort not a platform to use as you carry out other tasks such as texting or reading !

Too often those in authority blame the cyclist for sharing the road because of their OWN prejudgices and behaviour towards cyclists . How can the same authority send a cyclist to jail for damaging a car but free a person for maiming or even killing a cyclist ? Regulations should be Clear and consistent.

Cycling is being encouraged by Governments of all levels and countries as they are coming to realise the importance of exercise in the health of their community . Many politicians now make a point of being seen on a bike as a "Vote Grabber" but also to reinforce their desire to see their citizens adopt a healthier lifestyle .

Media sensationalise traffic accidents involving cyclists and particularly death and then go out of their way to publish "Anti Cyclist Nonsense " ! We have heard from Celebrety cooks as well as Motoring Correspondents braying like asses their dislike of cyclists . Result is some of their persuasion then go on to behave badly thinking that because it has been on TV it is acceptable to continue behaving badly on the road.

Helmet Cameras at present are regarded as novelties but rarely admitted as evidence in court because the operator is a civilian and vunerable road user . When they put Police Officers in plain gear with Helmet Cameras will they admit their evidence in court ?

There are so many Internet sites out there ALL trying to help cyclists but UNTIL they come together and adopt a common approach with a following Authorities in ALL Countries are going to ignore them . A few hundred here a few thousand there are voters who can be ignored BUT when they lobby En Masse then perhaps things will get done !

CyclingSilk.blogspot has 135 followers and yet a letter to the British Home Secretary is ignored and his Camera Evidence is being investigated after initially being treated with disdain tells you that "joe Blow the plumber" has little chance on his own ! For those interested to see more of my thoughts on Cycle safety : http://skippi-cyclist.blogspot.com/2010/12/cyclist-safety.html

Fatty has a huge following throughout the world and there are others like him who could rally their following to make a difference BUT is it their issue ?

Each of us has a busy lifestyle and too much to cope with let alone add additional objectives but unless SOMEONE picks up the Banner there will be people commenting to those blogs about their negative experiences and that will be all that is done !

New Zealand Earthquake has shown that Mother Nature

has caused a few cyclists grief amongst the carnage wrought during the latest episode , this sort of injury and death is misadventure BUT a truck skittling a cyclist because the driver was busy with shuffling papers or texting is Manslaughter if not Murder !

Friday, February 18, 2011


Roads.cc have announced in a recent post(http://road.cc/content/news/30829-updated-london-2012-road-race-course-proves-rumours-route-were-correct-profile ) that as always the racers will be going around a circuit chosen to maximise the perceived audience depth and reduce the inconvenience to other road users whilst the event is underway.

Sydney and Athens were locations i saw a great deal of activity as the security forces inspected manhole covers and all other means of concealing explosive devices or other impediments to the race. This activity is an ongoing concern for authorities worldwide and is a symptom of the world security concerns in this day of "terrorism".

Had the world been a better place we would have seen the route visiting places such as Windsor Castle, Runnymede, Oxford ,Cotwolds , Cambridge , Shakespeare Country , and a few other landmarks giving the Tv audience a better sense of the English Countryside. No doubt it would have to have been a National Holiday and would have been the source of street parties the likes of which you find at the Tour De France each year. Could the English rise to the Culinary heights that i have experienced in France as i have experienced better ranges of cuisine at the roadside each year than in any restaurant anywhere in the world.

No doubt i will see on TV some road side events featuring a BBQ or picnics as race visitors await the passing parade.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Tour Med

3rd day of this Tour Med has been overcast all day , unlike wednesday & thursday when sunshine broke through the haze at midday.

Hit a patch of fuel on a sharp bend in the first 10 km and went down hard and sliding so the clothes whilst ripped and dirty saved injury other than bruises. Those that choose not to wear a helmet will be pleased to hear that my head suffered no damage but the helmet needs attention . Could have hit the deck at about 40 Km/p/h but the head took a glancing blow.

Looked to me that Feillu won the sprint as he was wearing the "Green maillot" and crossed first well clear of the others

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Controversy rages in most Blogs these days as a misfit has popped his head over the parapet ! flandis is dishing dirt hoping for 10% of ANY recovery by the USTreasury in their investigation started by his spending a few bucks to initiate an investigation.

US Government has made it easy for Citizens to initiate enquiries of Federal Spending BUT i doubt this type of witch hunt was what was intended by their legislation .

High profile characters are smelling blood and jumping on the band wagon hoping for headlines and regardless of any result will get public exposure .

CNF sent me this photo and guess who is in the sights here :

Ricco is a target worth chasing as he lies in his hospital bed and all those surrounding him must be worried about the outcome of any investigation that takes place.

Tall Poppies are greatly admired by youth and no doubt adults as well but they have human failings also.

HOWEVER i do not wish to see Doping become the centre of SPORT nor the "BEST PHARMACIST WINS" culture take over any endurance sport. I am 65yo and as far as i am aware do not use any items and certainly rarely use sports specific drinks or foods yet still churn out the kilometres although not as quickly as i would sometimes like

Monday, February 7, 2011

Mont Ventoux

Imagine Mont Ventoux in July , lined with hundreds of thousands of spectators but wet and drizzily. Well i was totally alone as i rode out of Bedoin mid morning Saturday with virtually an empty road and in my Monaco Uniform dressed for a sunny summer's day, about 14C at a guess. Of course i had a jacket around my waist as i always do and gloves,a pair of arm & legwarmers tucked away for descents and i was in no great hurry as this was the season's opening uphill event for me . Most of the way up to the "Route Ferme" barrier was 9% but the odd 10%, with clear roads lined by snow pockets. In the trees the temperature was chill but on the open road the back was warmed by the sun.

Decided to drop down to Soult for a look and the last part was a climb into the town. Not much to see so decided the route home was shorter over the hill rather than around the forest scenic route. Climbing the gradient on this side is so much easier with just a few pitches on corners but the road surface condition was a lot worse for wear. Obviously the Bedoin route gets looked after as the tourist cyclist uses that route and at each km marker there are the advisories as to "Pente %". Didn't make the climb to the barrier the second time around.

Descending back into Bedoin was the first occeasion i saw cyclists, one a fellow in his 50's that i turned and chased back up the hill but as he refused to speak english or french i left him to plod on. The other about 40's was a little more talkative but when we got back to the 10% pente i headed back down. No point in making it 3 climbs in the one day, save some energy for sunday.

Earlier in the week i was at the Etoile de Bessieres for a couple of days but there were no Aussies racing and whilst it was warmish there was really only the "Personalities" to talk to at the Arrivee. Greeted Raymond Poulidour and Daniel M.(TDF speaker )in the customary french manner.

Sunday was a series of rides with locals who had come out in their droves to ride in the shadow of Mont Ventoux since the weather was so agreeable. Most were surprised to see me in my summer gear as they were rugged up for lower temperatures. Some even wearing balaclavas and rain coat/heavy jackets.

Monday i set out through Cassolette, Goult and Murs to Soult for the climb and ducked under the barrier to reach the top. On the way up about 800m from the top was Tom Simpson's memorial but just as you arrive there i found 100m of snow on the road, so had to walk the bike through this barrier. Reaching the top i was hit by hurricane force wind which slowed the walking pace to snail pace. When i went over the top towards the descent i could see the route down to Maloucenes was heavily snow drifted, so decided there was no point trying to make that climb today.

Returning towards Bedoin i saw a cyclist heading up so turned around to ride a little with him but he was sweating hard and short of breathe. Left him to it but found his colleague further down the hill and Kevin told me they were from Belgium, whilst i was still near the cafe, they arrived there after deciding not to cross the patch of snow at the memorial, long way to come to turn back just as youare about to reach the target. Whilst talking another of their number arrived from Apt obviously he was a little slower on the climb.

Another 2 nights of camping out in minus degrees but double sleeping bags and blankets are helping although getting to bed at 2100hrs is a bit early for me, forgot to get some wine so will be on the scotch tonight.

On the climb from the barrier to the summit i met up with some English bird watchers who took some photos so they will be emailed and posted in the next week, me not the flying sort of birds !

More info to be found on twitter.com/skippydetour as i add to the various blogs. Checkout the profile/about me to keep abreast of the other subjects visited such as road safety and Adaptive Sport.
More folows !

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fatty's nomination for Lifetime achievement

Fatty has helped me by ignoring my rambling so i would like my followers to enjoy helping him !

Following his instructions took all of 30 secs, so i guess i am more competent on a computer than i had thought.

Follow the instructions below if you choose to join me:

So please, do me a favor and vote for me and my sister. And get your friends to. And so forth. Here’s what you do copied from his blog into italics.

1.Go to http://2011.bloggi.es/ .
2.Scroll down to “Lifetime Achievement” (it’s way toward the bottom) and select me.
3.Scroll up to “Best Parenting Weblog” and select Pistols & Popcorn.
4.Scroll all over the place and select “The Pioneer Woman.”
5.Hey, go ahead and vote for other folks. Why not?
6.Scroll to the bottom of the page and type the weird reCaptcha words.
7.Enter your email address.
8.Submit your nomination
9.Check your email and click the link to verify your vote.
10.Yay, this has ten steps.
Thanks tons. I promise, I’ll only ask you to do this like fifteen more times this month and then I’m done asking for stuff for me.

A guy who can raise $400k+ in a year deserves recognition !