Friday, November 25, 2011


Tomorrow , 26th November , is the Opening of the Mayrhofen Ski Season ( www.mayrhofner-bergbahnen.com ) and much anticipated by all in the neighbourhood . Normally November has a layer of snow on the valley floor but where ever you go at present you see green even on the highest peaks where there should be some snow . I guess I am better off with dry roads even if they have a layer of frost at 9am of a morning .

Today was a bright sunny and frosty morning that required the long sleeved cycle shirt and long hose under the Vivo uniform and a Wind Jacket with heavy gloves and a beanie under the helmet .

Look at tonight's sunset which bodes for a repeat of today's in the morning . As I turned corners I was watching the road surface to make sure I stayed in the parts cleaned by vehicles to avoid any slippage . Still heard the odd moron testing their Klaxon as I headed west to Schwaz and the odd chores that needed dealing with . My “ local bike shop “ there is run by Peter and I am still trying to convince him that 20mm or smaller patches are what I prefer when fixing punctures in my tubes .

Related the story of the prat I came across yesterday and he was able to assure me that the 2km ride to his shop each day is so filled with motoring misadventure that nothing would surprise him ! Briefly I was heading west into a roundabout when I spotted a 7 ½ ton truck barrelling into the junction with the right hand holding paperwork and the steering wheel and the left across the chest holding a mobile phone to the right ear . Little wonder I pulled up in a hurry since had he lost hold of the wheel I would have been carried away as he mounted the pavement . Annoyed I gave chase and on arriving at his destination went looking for the “ manager ” of the business that he was supplying service .

Short story was I asked for them to check the times on his phone or call the Polizei . No luck so I got them to supply pen and paper and took down the details that would be required and headed to the Schwaz Kommando Post . Having found the English speaking Junior there , I related the full story reminding them that since they were not on the scene I was not expecting any favourable result . About 5 mins after arriving the driver showed up to toss his “ penny worth ” into the mix , wonder WHY he should go out of his way to save face ?

After lunch I headed out east to Worgl for my afternoon ride but found most of the southerly road edges still heavily frosted . Lunch time was spent listening to more of the “#Occupy Wall Street actions that have captured the attention of the ORF radio Station FM4 , unbiased reporting with live updates makes for interesting and informative information .

Returning from Worgl I came across the Cyclist run off the track last week by a speeding tractor that I was following at a distance , he being a local had had the similar experiences over the years . Whilst I realise these roads were originally for the farmer as gravel tracks , now that they are sealed asphalt and designated “ Stephan’s weg ” they are for all and slowing down and moving the right wheels onto the grass does not harm the tractor particularly when the cyclist has to ride into the bushes to avoid a collision .
This same tractor driver I have forced to a stop when I have refused to leave my side of the road . Followed him to his farm yard at about the 40kph pace and told my local Kramsach bike shop who and where he lives .

About the same time I came up behind the Skier you see here practicing his skills . Arno of Worgl has been cross country skiing about 15 years and the equipment he is using is similar to that I tried to put together about 4 years ago when I was considering taking up this sport .

Luckily for me the ski touring season started early that year although I fancy the idea as a great cross training exercise as an alternative to the “ rowing machine ”on nasty weather days .

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