Monday, May 21, 2012

A Weekend at the Giro d'Italia 2012

Friday evening brought me to the environs of Bra with the Arrivo being in Cervere . Once again i was invited into a home to share the balcony which overlooked the Finish line . Unfortunately the camera recorded the front wheel of Cav's bike so it will be little use to post the shot .

Later i rendevoused with members of the Cuneo Hand Bike Team whom i had met earlier in company with Francesco Moser . As King Cav was in Doping Control i suggested that the guys move around to a point where he would pass on his way to other appointments . Asked to shake their hands and pose for a photo , he found time to wave an acknowledgement but continued on his way to the more important appointments .

Earlier as reported elsewhere i saw Alexanda , the seasoned Presenter of RAI TV simpering like a school girl as Mark arrived on the stage of the program she was in the course of presenting live , " Processa Il Tappa "! Could not believe how she gushed as Mark made his arrival since she usually greets the likes of Vittoio Adorni and Gianni Motta , etc with aplomb , but then i guess Mark had just won his 4th Etappe at this Giro so it was a special and perhaps unexpected occasion ? Certainly she has interviewed the likes of Ramunas and Rodriguez  with less enthusiasm .

Saturday my great friend Ricarrdo , from Torino , that provided my accomodation during the Torino Olympic period , rode with me to about 50 km past Torino where we were stopped by the Polizia Stradalle, so that the race could pass . whilst awaiting the Peloton we were interviewed by " Vanity Fair " personnel who told us the story would appear the following wednesday .

Riding back into Torino with Riccardo , we joined a fast moving chain of riders and sat on at about a 40+kph pace that was rotating in an experience way during the 30 km we were with them .

Torino has the good fortune to have a new bike shop open in December last , speciallizing in BMC bikes and this includes the Bergamont range as part of their inventory . i sat in the shop watching the final 50 km of the Saturday Etappe on their big screen and watched as Ryder the Canadian sprinted in the final 2 km and thus recovered the Maglia Rose .

Later in Riccardo's home i saw Chelsea win the Champions Trophy in Football . Amazing to think that the team owner , a russian , has chased this trophy for several years and sacked a variety of trainers and in the year he has realised his dream , he sacks the Trainer who did the hard work to secure this acheivement for him ?

Sunday was an early start for the ride to Busto A., which is west of Milano , arriving in time to greet the Team Pullmans as they rolled into the parking area . The mystery of the whereabouts of Johan Bruyneel was solved when i photoed him sitting in the front of the bus and had a quick exchange of views with a variety of people .

Mushrooms of Cyclingnews Forum can now go back to what they do best , feeding on bullshit in the dark !

Enjoyed a long chat with Shane Bannon who i knew over the years as the Australian Team Boss and is now the leader of the GreenEDGE Team that is doing such a spectacular job of "showcasing " Aussie Cycling Talent !

Leaving the Partenza area enroute for Lecco , the rain moved in so i diverted to my friends' home in the Varese area . Arrived to find noone home but on checking at the family house nearby found Romildo was visiting whilst Luigia was attending her 92yo mother . Romildo was kind enough to serve me an impromptu lunch and then we watched the highlights of the 1979 Giro on RAI Sport until they presented Live Coverage of the day's etappe where Rodriguez recovered the Mglia Rose as he followed in secod on the day's etappe . He had passed the victor Di Marche in the final kms but then the finish was enlivened by the sprint . During the final 50+km there was only one man away , with 6 mins to start but that was eated up in the final climb . So good to see the Guy be able to take the Victory !

As i write this report i am watching the Italian Cup Final between Juve who i expect to win and Napoli !

Turned out that Napoli won 2 to nil !

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