Tuesday, May 28, 2013

So you couldn't see ME ?

Sometimes it is necessary to find the Boss , when the driver leaces you at the side of the road !

My letter to remind Company Owners , that they are responsible for the ACTIONS of their Employees !

 "  CEO of Deferser

Sir ,

With distinctive colours on your Vehicles , it is easy to identify your vehicles . For Publicity purposes , this works well , but when your drivers misbehave or are careless with respect to " Vulnerable Road Users ", this comes back to haunt your Management Team ! Some countries in Europe have legislated for Corporate Manslaughter , where a member of the Management Team , can be imprisoned for the actions of a Subordinate !

Returning to Austria after several weeks in Italy with the " Giro d'Italia " , i can tell you , that as a Cyclist , i notice differences . I can also tell you that there are considerable differences in Drivers' Attitudes to Cyclists , in 2013 , as against those in 1999 , when first in Italy for the Giro .

Over several years riding a race bike in the Tirol , i have taken the time to speak or write to various Company Vehicle Owners . Most understand that there is a need to bring to their attention , incidents that cause alarm . What you will appreciate is , that there are TWO Sides to each argument . The Cyclist in every case is going to suffer when in collision with a vehicle . That said , there is a need for Vehicle drivers to remember that Cyclists , have the right to be on the road , bUT more importantly , most own their OWN VEHICLES !

No doubt as CEO of Deferser , you may also be a Leisure Cyclist , you may have Family or Colleagues who would tell you of Riding with Toschnig , Eberharter or Rohrregger . Each of these people , you would hope your vehicles do not cause them injury . What of the Mothers , Daughters , Sons or colleagues , they also deserve the 1 1/2M , that the Road Regs. call on drivers to allow as they pass ,

Today , a Deferser vehicle passed me with less space than required , however , because he did not signal , the following vehicles not only did not see me but hammered their Klaxons , as if it was against the LAW , for me to be on the road . Had your vehicle signalled and given the 1 1/2M , i doubt any of these following drivers would have displayed their ignorance . We will have to accept that some may have been trying to text , but i did see two of these drivers that klaxoned ,  holding their ears , funny how many people use a Cell phone to hold their EARS ?

Returning from Schwaz through Weising , i passed the Mpreis where several of your vehicles were parked . Coming across some drivers finishing their " Pause " , i asked if any spoke english .

The driver of unit 76 , SZ 506yc , said " A little " , so i tried to explain what had happened in the morning , but he took it as critisism of himself . No it was not , nor my intention other than to ask what Deferser's policy was to the Cyclist's Safety .

When he left me i started to write down unit #s , with the intent to write you . Seeing this he stood in front of the Reg plate . Then he got in the cab , started the motor and immediately crept forward in my direction the 5+ metres , requiring me to move immediately out of his path . Normally truck drivers , start the deisel motor , after the key is in the ignition for 30 secs , then allow the motor to warm , not this guy . Bernard was in some kind of a hurry ?

Now i realise that people do not take kindly to being critisied , but this was definitely not correct behaviour .

As to whether you reply to me , or you have a Company Policy in regard to Cyclists , it will come as no surprise , when i tell you that in London there are several Tip truck Companies , that are recorded as causing Multiple Deaths to Cyclists . It has been described as an epidemic and Legislation there is being utilised to attempt to save more Lives from being lost .

Thankyou for your attention to my concerns , i hope they result in more Companies being reminded by you , that Truck drivers need to signal , so that following traffic can avoid being involved in the death of a Cyclist , maybe , even your neighbour ?

This letter will be published in www.skippi-cyclist.blogspot.com

SO , having had lunch i am out for further riding in the warm sunny afternoon . Coming from Brixlegg onto the large Roundabout with the intention to go to Kramsach , i am in the middle of the two lanes and an IMPATIENT Car driver decides to force out into my lane , from Rattenfeld , causing me to swerve left and stay wide in case he continues left , but , he then screeches right into the exit , i was going to use . Meanwhile i have to roll up onto the concrete island to avoid the back of a stopped truck .

No i didn't get the german number plate !

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