Monday, June 18, 2012

Lance Armstrong : The Legacy !

TALL POPPY Syndrome is alive and flourishing ! Once again those seeking to " destroy " the person they envy most , have moved the " goalposts "! Didn't get the result they wanted in one venue , so they move to the next ! Over several years i have been watching the " mushrooms " gloating about having " the Goods " to convict Lance ! So many places where they dwell , can be found by tripping over a stone . That there are so very few of them that act in concert was shown when they tried to " Petition Pres. Barack Obama " shortly after the Fed's withdrew the Grand Jury action after spending countless millions during a two year span .

Based on the say so , of a disgruntled and disgraced cyclist , who thought he could reap some benefit , the Fed's launched an investigation to see if the US Postal Service had been " ripped Off "! Clearly that sanctimonious ex cyclist saw the possibility of " Millions of Dollars " , coming his way . Whoever put him up to this , is the entity that the Fed's should seek out for a recovery action , fat chance that flandis has two dimes to rub together . Of course there is more in the background that motivated an investigation . Some Feds build reputations on successfully revealing to the public the results of their inquiries .

Now we have USADA being encouraged to stir up the mud at the bottom of the pond , on the slim possibility that those informing them , will be treated as " credible witnesses " rather than malcontents seeking the OP. for a book or some time in the " limelight "!

WHAT USADA should be doing is drawing a line and saying the " Past has GONE "! From    1st July 2012 you have ONE MONTH to reveal ALL your past indiscretions , without penalty !

1st August2012 will be a new Era in the USA , any found to have covered up ANY WRONG DOING will be prosecuted . But here is the RUB ! All Athletes not revealing their past will " take Down " their " Handlers and Helpers "! That means IF WE WERE TALKING OF LANCE AS AN EXAMPLE then Johan Bruyneel , His Soigneurs , His Mechanics , His PR Staff would ALL receive " LifeTime Bans from ALL SPORT Activities !

CAN you imagine what pressure would be placed by these people on ANY Athlete to reveal their PAST  transgressions ? Nobody with any sense , will want to risk their current career even if it means being the " whistle blower "!

So many people who were Athletes are now on the Coaching and Admin staffs of a variety of sports . Are any of them " willing " to see their FUTURE come to a complete halt through an Athlete being embarrassed to admit to " Sporting Fraud " at some event , perhaps even 10 years ago ?  Testing of Athletes has reached the point where " samples " from 1999 are being thrust into the " limelight " as credible evidence , so it stands to reason that there are more such examples available .

Were i involved with a " Dubious Athlete " working in Sport , i would be asking my protege to reveal all , no doubt there will be those who will " cross fingers " and hope for the best BUT once the 1st August comes there will be nobody " let off "!  Did the " Crime , do the Time " !

SURELY IN THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENT there are SOME HONEST PEOPLE who without fear or favour can dictate to WADA and through them the rest of the World that " SPORTING FRAUD " is nO LONGER ACCEPTABLE !

Parents letting their sons and daughters deserve to know the Credentials of those Training them in ANY SPORT ! Many countries do a Police Check on the background of those involved with children . So how much more important is it that the children are not influenced by those taking " Short Cuts " to get " Results "?

With a new generation of " Clean /known backgrounds " , coaching at grassroots level will eventually see Athletes arriving in competition with no doubts as to their ability to resist the influence of those currently advocating use of products proscribed by WADA .

ONLY THE ATHLETES CAN DECIDE WHAT IS BEST FOR THEIR FUTURE ! I as a bystander can only wish to see less of the " finger pointing " and i am , like many , heartily sick of the continuing " SAGA "  surrounding the career of a retired Cyclist .

An article that came out in a " CNF thread " recently :


CNF has really gone to town on Lance recently with threads such as :



Also this last thread a chart surfaced in that thread :

Sorry the chart is not copy-able so take a visit  

On the forum " happychappy " summed up what i personally think with :

Exactly this. I'm not sure how these people can enjoy spending every day for years working themselves up into these little "hater" frenzies they all have. 
It always just boils down to bickering between themselves like schoolchildren in the end." !

Now you know why i call them " Mushrooms "! Perhaps I should call them Toadstools , because of their poisonous comments , about even those Racers who are as clean as a whistle !


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