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Lancing Armstrong

The Rumours are flying around that the horse has got away ! Yes the Tour de France has become the sideshow for the USADA tilt at gaining notoriety , as it endeavors to find traction and thus credibility,  in it's quest to destroy the efforts of a whole generation of US Cycle Racers ! Lance is the target , but any US Racer that was on his teams , are getting besmirched and splattered with flying DUNG !

In an effort to pursue Lance , it appears that USADA , is prepared to make the USA Cycling scene look like a cheating circus ! Take a good look at the offering above ! Needs little effort , to put names to the characatures  depicted !

What has brought this sideshow into the open ?

Speculation is rife that Lance or his supporters leaked to a variety of newspapers the speculation that a number of ex team mates were granted " Suspended Sanctions" for stepping up and giving evidence against guess WHO ? Seems there is nothing that the USADA will not do , to achieve their sole goal , of removing the " Armstrong Era " from the record books !  Remember Bjarne Riis made an admission of " Doping " some years ago ,  " ASO " removed him from their " Le Tour "records for a while , then backtracked and reinstated him  . Regardless of the result of USADA 's efforts can anyone imagine " Le Tour " records NOT showing Lance as the winner of 1999 through 2005 ?

New York Times printed the following report , after the Principle story appeared on Thursday in Madrid , Spain , Italy and Amsredam story :

 " Tygart said that no individual cyclists had yet been punished in connection with the Armstrong case, contrary to a report Thursday in the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. That report said that Hincapie, Leipheimer, Vande Velde, Zabriskie and Jonathan Vaughters, a former Armstrong teammate who now runs the Garmin-Sharp team, arranged a deal with the antidoping agency to serve six-month suspensions for their own doping in connection with a suspected conspiracy. Those suspensions would begin in September, the newspaper said.

  "  The Garmin-Sharp team, which is known for its stalwart stance on antidoping, said in a statement that “reports of suspensions are untrue.” "

As you will recall i follow the CyclingNews forum as a source of info as well as of amusement , one of those subscribers has acted like the " dutch boy with his finger in the dyke " , good on him !

his comment :

 " can´t imagine anything will happen to Lance. He won´t be punished for anything, it all will lead to nothing at all.

I personally would have seen VandeVelde, Leipheimer and Hincapie as non-clean riders before, and Zabriskie as non-clean rider who rides non-clean only occassionally.

Tour-wise, mid 90ies to mid 00s have been the USPS/Telekom years. Telekom has been outed officially, so outing USPS is just fair, nothing more.

Lance is and stays the biggest rider of the Tour in history. Media had to write, the winners had to celebrate, fans had to cheer. The only ones who were cheated were the few clean guys. Look at Moncoutie, lokk at the 12 names who did better than him in the 2002 Tour, and you know who has reason to be angry.

Lance´s USADA case won´t change cycling, it will stay like it has always been. Cycling on world class level stays a battle of 98 % of guys on PEDs against 2 % on bread and water. Professional bodybuilding is 100 % - 0%, professional athletics maybe 90%-10%, tennis 70-30%, soccer 50-50, and so on. I can´t see anything can be changed or improved there; it´s good as it is in the moment.
I don´t like Francesco Mosers demand on legalizing PEDs, because then we have nearly 100-0 in cycling.

I have respect for Lance, I have also, and maybe even more, respect for Moncoutie. "

This guy deserves praise , as i had made a comment elsewhere , Thursday , after reading something which alerted me to the breaking story !

My comment :

Originally Posted by skippy View Post
Seems that " Anything Goes " with this USADA publicity stunt , from " tainted personalities " to review what they had already decided were " Facts " , thru to " witnesses " WHOM YOU , THE FORUM , ALREADY HAD ACCUSED OF BEING USERS being granted " suspended sentences "!

Will even 1% believe that Lance was treated in a fair manner Or give a monkeys for anything that the usada slide under the radar whilst the USA are busy electing the next President ?

Perhaps there should be a subsection of the forum called " THE GLEE CLUB "!

Since then there are a couple of new threads on Lance and his behaviours !

In the TRi World there is a thread discussing his situation and asking for a straight " Yes " or " No "!


Lance is quite right with his assertion that USADA are continually moving the " goalposts "! In all other recent " doping cases " , sanctions start immediately BUT here these Five US Racers continue at the " Money Spinning Tour de France " as if nothing has happened ! Indeed JV says " THERE IS NO DEAL "! 

Who to believe ?


Reading elsewhere i found this story on a Journo :


Regardless of what is appearing in the media , there are some " Journos " who still have an open mind on the Lance story !


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