Saturday, September 29, 2012

Phat at Bay

The email below arrived on monday


Subject: Update about "World Cycling Organization UCI: For president PatMcQuaid to resign and cycling to be cleaned up"
Date: Mon 09/24/12 03:59 AM

Hello fellow cycling fan,
Thank you for telling Pat McQuaid it’s time for change! More than 400 people supported this petition in only three days.
Your reasons for signing make it clear that McQuaids departure is only the first step towards fixing cycling. It doesn’t end there.
Support and comments from you have given us added inspiration to keep going. We’re planning our next moves. Something a bit different...

The rest of the email disappeared , excuses , i had planned to recopy but lost the item .

Since then , Monday , the numbers must have grown considerably , as has the " Paul Kimmage Defence Fund ", even by Thursday evening there were 1200 contributors paying in over $40k ! I know that Paul has released a statement thanking people and advising that he is getting on with choosing a legal team to assist him on the 12th December in Aigle . This story has lost it's urgency , now that people have been responding to the news of the " Chip In " site . No doubt the " Fund " will continue to swell as people read up on the back story and realise that hey are able to give UCI a little of their own medicine . Would hope that " UCI " will disown the action causing phat & hein to dip into their resources to carry on what is a classic case of Bullying an individual who appeared to be without the resources to fight back !

Phat trying to divert attention from his poor judgement regarding Paul Kimmage tried to belittle USADA during the week and the resulting reply by Cyclismas is below :

USADA response to UCI press release

by sarcastitom on Thursday, September 27th, 2012
USADA Response to UCI Press Release

September 27, 2012
Earlier today, UCI president Pat McQuaid expressed concerns over our delays in issuing our case file on Lance Armstrong. There was an implication that we sanctioned Mr. Armstrong without sufficient preparation.
Rest assured, we had assembled a more than complete case, which we were fully prepared to turn over to the UCI faster than a doper can climb Mt. Ventoux.
Unfortunately, we had not expected the flood of additional evidence that would come forth as a result of this case. First of all, Mr. Armstrong apparently has a singular talent not just for bike racing and doping, but also for taking perfectly loyal and trustworthy friends and converting them (in vast numbers) into angry, backstabbing new sources of highly-detailed information.
And second, the UCI’s response to the situation has been such a spectacular slow-motion implosion that even a blind gopher could see the impending shitstorm bearing down on the UCI like a soon-to-be-extinct herd of pissed-off rhinoceri. In the ensuing panic among the rank-and-file UCI minions, the outflow of photocopied documents and illicitly-recorded audio tapes has rivaled WikiLeaks. “Rats from a sinking ship” could not be more apropos.
So you see our problem. We’re drowning in new witnesses and evidence that we did not expect. We’ve actually reached the point where we are going to have to ask all those with new evidence to make sure to have it to us by Monday, October 1st, or it can not be considered, no matter how many bribes, prostitutes, or death threats might be revealed.
It saddens us to have to refuse so much quality evidence, but expediency requires no less than these drastic measures. Once this evidence is in hand we should be able to get the completed case file out within two weeks, which is hopefully soon enough that we won’t have to wade through too many more of these whiny letters and conversational press releases from Pat.
USADA thanks you for your patience in this matter.
– # –
USADA Media Relations
Phone (888) 867-5309
E-mail: patsucks@usada.org
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No doubt the " True Usada " response would be less entertaining .

Of course those dwelling in the Cyclingnews Forum have been busily exercising themselves and their imagination these past few days . The photo of phat is from that source and one wonders whether " Felt or Giant " would be happy to see themselves advertised by him ?


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