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" The Rough Ride " written long years ago , went against the grain , and thus Paul Kimmage became a " pariah " in the Cycling Industry ! Moving into a new way of looking at what has happened in the Cycling scene , has become de riguer all of a sudden , certainly since Lance was advised by USADA that they were seeking to strip him of his Palmares since 1998 !

 Last year Paul was interviewed at the Tour de France and some of the subjects raised would cause people to reassess their attitudes to those in the peloton , myself included : http://www.veloveritas.co.uk/2012/09/25/pk-2/

 Recently i have seen reports that Lance's Wife passed out " items " at the 1998 World Road Race Championships in Valkenberg , that was a " tipping point " from my perspective . Hard to believe that Lance was " innocent " of ALL the accusations leveled at him , with his wife acting in this manner ? Like so many i was happy to wait for the " proofs " that he was all that was said of him .

Whilst i do not rely on the likes of shamilton and flandis , i do believe that Kimmage and Walsh were on the right track with their revealing articles . " Emma O'Rielly " was , like Betty Andreau , treated to a battering in the media , but stuck to her position regardless of the consequences . Recently we have seen some Cycle Racers like " Bassoon and Simeoni " being hailed for their stance regarding the " Doping Era " .

Omerta still seems to be holding many Cycle Athletes in it's thrall , but with the USADA investigation following the Federal Grand Jury , many former colleagues of Lance have owned up to their involvement in the " Doping Era " ! Whether their evidence involving Lance , will be accepted as fact , no longer matters , since Lance on the 25th August , chose to " walk away " from the " arbitration process " that US Cyclists are bound by , with their Race Licences ! That they race with a US Licence in Europe , means that they must conform to the US rules and regulations , does it not ?

 During the past week we have seen " UCI " trumpet their win against flandis in the Swiss Courts ! What a joke ! Before this announcement , i and others were aware that there was an action in progress , but even that was because Heinous said that flandis could not be found ! Some joker on CNF stated that they did a search ( google ? ) and found him in one effort , says a lot for how hard the " UCI people " were looking .

That flandis's lawyer says no papers were served sounds certain , that he did not appear in the Swiss Court , is a fact . That in recent times he has been committed by US Courts to repay $480000 to those who believed his lies , could mean that he no longer had the funds available to visit Switzerland if he chose to defend himself .

 That the prats of Aigle succeeded in telling ALL and Sundry what flandis stated some years ago , has now come back to haunt them . Just about anyone that is interested in Cycle Racing now knows that he said CERTAIN THINGS that can be summed up as follows :

 " The Swiss Court ruled that flandis can no longer state the following in these words : that " the UCI, Hein Verbruggen and Pat McQuaid " : .have concealed cases of doping. .received money for doing so. .have accepted money from Lance Armstrong to conceal a doping case. .have protected certain racing cyclists, concealed cases of doping. .have engaged in manipulation, particularly of tests and races. .have hesitated and delayed publishing the results of a positive test on Alberto Contador. .have accepted bribes. .are corrupt. .are terrorists. .have no regard for the rules. .load the dice. .are fools. .do not have a genuine desire to restore discipline to cycling. .are full of sh1t. .are clowns. .their words are worthless. .are liars. .are no different to Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

 Of course there are ways they can spend more money in the USA Courts to make the decision of the Swiss Court applicable in the USA , but, we have seen their behaviour in relation to Greg Lemond , when they took the same action route against him some while before . Could Greg initiate an action against phat &  heinous to cause then to avoid visits to the USA in case there is risk of imprisonment if his Court action was to succeed ?

 Paul Kimmage was also treated to a similar court summons and is thus required to be in Aigle on Dec 12th 2012 . Could it be that the " prats " will have the matter adjourned for fear that they will have their butts soundly kicked ? Through the intervention of one of the " publishers " of the offending articles , a " Defence Fund " was set up by the following site which currently contains contributions by 1700+ people , including Greg Lemond , of in excess of $53000 !


 Paul Kimmage called earlier in the year for a " Root & Branch " clean up of the " UCI " , and this must have struck a chord with Phat , since he proposed a " truth & Reconciliation Commission " , at the UCI Management Meeting in Holland recently . This was recently backed by Anne Gripper formerly a member of UCI Management , but the " UCI  Board " decided , that it was not necessary , since they were already doing such a " good job ( my words ) "


 Rupert Guinness , an Australian Journalist has recently returned from vacation and as the articles that follow indicate , he has undergone a revision of his approach to the doings of Lance and the UCI .



 Here is what a member of the CNF had to say about him on a thread in recent days :

 " rupert is not a real journalist, he just writes fluffy 'opinion' pieces about what people want to hear (though he never seems to have his own real opinion on anything) but yes it appears that the tide is turning when a clown like rupert turns on wonderboy "

 Another commented : " It has been a long hard road but I think we are finally getting somewhere. The comments section now has 'Lance is a cheater' remarks greatly outnumbering apologist remarks. A lot of articles I read have a tone that assumes that everybody understands LA was a doper. In a podcast I listened to several weeks ago the commentators spoke in defense of LA and very much against USADA only to have an interview in the next show with Alexi Grewal where he nonchalantly stated "I probably would have doped like lance did too!" You nailed it Dr Mas. Thankfully we are now getting some truth. I am glad I won't have to have lance is a doper arguments anymore. The only thing is now the arguments will be whether it was morally acceptable or not. __________________ It’s an inbred system where the mentality is that if I don’t get caught then I’m clean.-JJ "

 Because of the " Paul Kimmage Defence Fund " and thus the likelihood that IF the prats of Aigle appear in the Aigle Court on Dec 12th , the Cycling World will see the " UCI " shown , for what it has become , REAL CHANGE could take place !

 Regardless of what UCI does in the next week , since the USADA have advised they plan to deliver their report on the " Lance Affair " , Lance , himself has been busy with his life as demonstrated by the following report : 


 Thanks to Paul , many more Cycle Racers , will then find it possible to BREAK Omerta and speak out !

When the floodgates OPEN , Cycle Racers will feel safe to voice their feelings but will the likes of Jaschke benefit and be brought back into the fraternity ?





 REPORTS are coming through the internet , that those involved in the " UCI " court action , are planning to call a halt to this action ! There are also reports that Mc quaid´s sister has made some pertinent comments on this Court case ! Would appear that the $53500+ raised to date , by 1750+ concerned people , has had a dramatic effect on the " prats of Aigle " !Would it be that they thought , that they were attacking a " lone , defenceless , unemployed reporter / journalist " ?

 BULLIES can be defeated by the TRUTH !

Not too late for Greg Lemond to issue legal action against the " prats of Aigle " for their attempt at silencing him ?

@paulkimmage is a twitter feed well worth following !  Last week he reminded me about a Great Paralympic Personality that i had found some time back and today he was revisiting how he came to join Garmin at the 2010 Tour de France ! Would love to see a blog about the experiences that he and his family are suffering as they approach the 12th Dec  confrontation in Aigle . There is bound to be a book at a later date and we have seen " Fat Cyclist " convert his earlier blog posts into the first of many books !

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