Thursday, October 3, 2013


Stupidity on the roads , condensed to this , when you visit the firm owning the vehicle ! Polizei in Austria , like elsewhere , will only act if they see the incident ! It is a fair assumption , that there are three sides to and traffic Incident , The driver of the aggressing vehicle , the intimidated victim  AND OF COURSE , the truth as seen by any UNBIASED Witnesses !

Having photoed the location , i will describe in detail the events at 11.15am , today , 3rd October 2013 , in some detail , when i return to the house . Courtesy of a neighbouring village Internet point , i have emailed the owner of the Kreidl Vehicle in Canada ! Vehicle is a white van with reg plates KU-654GW !

Having made my thursday ride to Schwaz , i called on a buddy in Jenbach on the way home . He was delighted to stand in the sun chewing the fat and commented that Friday was going to be as gloomy as the earlier part of the week had been . With that in mind , having dropped off the shopping , i set out for the ride to Kufstein , 32+km east of the house . This normally takes an hour in each direction , give or take depending on wind strengths . Living in a 40kph zone , i regularly catch up with traffic as it snakes through to Rattenberg . Half a kilometre before the Inn river bridge , the road takes a 90 ° left as seen in the photo of the bus , runs a few hundred metres then takes a 90° right and then over the bridge . Cornering at 30kph is assisted by Mirrows positioned at the left turn apex  , i guess for the Buses , but works for most traffic . As usual i was pushing to maximise the speed , so was surprised as i was passing the Camper Van on the RHS to find a van overtaking me . I heard him coming up behind but with less than 100M could not imagine WHY the risk ?

As he came alongside , coming ther other way was a Yellow Bus , thus he FORGOT me and moved right into my path . But then he braked , he had decided to turn left off this road ! He was heading into his EMPLOYERS Premises ! Both manouvers were ill considered , had the Polizei seen this , they would have spoken to him as they asked for his Driving ID ! Having braked hard , i was able to avoid collision with the kerb and his vehicle , but i was able to see the ADVERTISING on his vehicle ! Moreorless in front of me was his Employers Showroom , so i rode the bike in the door .

What follows would be the classic " Faulty Towers Scenario "! Having asked the receptionist for the " Manager / Director " , i was told the owner was in Canada but expected the " next week "! Having asked for the Next senior i was told they were in Innsbruck . Having called for the driver , this " manfred " arrived then realising the situation , proceeded to draw a diagram of the road as he recalled the incident , including the bus. Meanwhile the receptionist was busy complying with my request for the Canadian Email address , so i could alert their Owner to the " Couldn't care less attitude "!

A fellow rolled out of his office behind the reception , in his wheelchair , joined in discussion with the lady then some " Bolshie , designer stubbled guy rolled up shouting the odds "!  Asked if i was hurt , then said " If you are not hurt , Why are you bothering us "? In german it became " RAUS ; RAUS , RAUS , get off our premises ! Told the lady not to give me the email address and then started physically pushing me around !

I may be 68yo , but at 85kg & 1.85M i don't move easily for some pathetic no hoper . When it appeared the driver was going to join the fracas , i decided that no more would be achieved !

Each time a vehicle passes , a Cyclist has no idea who is driving , but most , when confronted will own up to their careless behaviour with apologies . This is perhaps one of the first occasions that someone has tried to physically assault me , on behalf of the driver concerned !

Of course , when you are arriving back at your employers premises , you hardly expect to be confronted by the person , that you just caused grief ? Try " Googling " Kriedl " , i get more out of that source for " Parrabuddy & Skippydetour "!  Perhaps that is the reason , their vehicles ALL have their company name so prominently displayed !

Not being in the need of Bathroom or heating Equipment , i see no possibility of a result from Boycotting their products ! Nor since the polizei did not see the incident , do i expect them to involve themselves . Later i saw that driver thundering through Rattenberg above the posted 40kph , i feel sure that his licence is at risk, BUT , more importantly , when he buries an innocent , he will drag down his Employer on a Corporate Manslaughter Charge ! Only a question of whether it is a Child or Adult that suffers !

More follows

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